Subculture Essay


Hip hop culture essay or pop culture essay – these are topics very actual for our society nowadays. Adolescence is one of the most complex and controversial periods in human life. Growing up person wants to differ from others, especially from the adults, who are dictating the rules and canons of life. At the same time, the teenager is not sure in himself, as he is only looking for his own path in life. That is why, it is very important for teenagers to feel the support of people, similar to him, who have the same views and beliefs.

In most cases, due to these reasons subcultures appear. Most of them are being characterized by epatage (in appearance and behavior), maximalism, neglecting of generally accepted standards, and so on.

What is subculture? According to Wikipedia, subculture is usually being determined as a part of the culture of the society, which differs from the prevailing. Subculture, as a rule, has it’s own system of values, language, demeanor, clothing  and other attributes that are marking the representatives of certain culture in the crowd and are determining their belonging to a certain subculture. The most common subcultures are the so-called “musical” that are based on preference for a certain kind of music, its aesthetics and the perception of the world. The most popular are the subcultures of Goths, emo, punks, and metal. Football fans, bikers and parkourscan also be considered as representatives of the subcultures.

Accession to any subculture probably means that a person has some problems with environment, adults or with himself, and he simply can’t solve this problems. Without the support of the family, the young man goes to those, who shares his worldview, in the effort to find understanding, compassion and love. However, it happens not always.

One should also remember that subcultures can be dangerous. The danger lies in the philosophy and the worldview. Young people, who are in conflict with themselves and with the world, which surrounds them, are usually rather depressed and they may not value their lives. Consequently, very often they may have thought about suicide. They can also be addicted to drugs and alcohol, because of the desire to learn something new. This desire may lead to serious and unavoidable consequences, which can even lead to death

In my opinion, it is not worth to be a part of any subculture. You can easily be fond of gothic music or football and enjoy your hobby, without joining any subculture. It will help to protect yourself from depersonalization and manipulations of any kind. It is very important to be a person, who is responsible for the life and future. Only these factors can make you really happy and satisfied with your life. Life is the most precious thing and we shouldn’t forget that we live only once. That is why we need to try hard to make our life comfortable, happy and free from any negative influences, which come from the environment.

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