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Do you need to write essay about war? Essay on war is a very tragic topic, because the connotation of the word “war” is very negative. It is always connected with violence and armor. So, in case if you would like to write Vietnam War essay, then we hope that the following essay will be useful for you, and you will be inspired to write your own essay.

 In the second half of the XIX-th century, Vietnam, according to Wikipedia, became a colony of France. The growth of national consciousness after the First World War led to the creation in 1941 in China, the League for the independence of Vietnam and Vietminh - a military-political organization that united all the enemies of the French authorities.

Key positions were held by supporters of the communist views under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh. During the Second World War, he worked closely with the US, which helped the Vietminh arms and ammunition to fight the Japanese. After the surrender of Japan, Ho Chi Minh captured Hanoi and other major cities of the country, proclaiming the formation of the independent Democratic Republic of Vietnam. However, France did not agree with it and transferred to Indochina Expeditionary Force, starting the colonial war in December 1946. The French army was not able to cope with the guerrillas, and in 1950 they came to the US assistance. The main reason for their intervention has been the region's strategic importance, guarding the southwest islands of Japan and the Philippines. The Americans believed that it will be easier to control these areas if they are under the authority of the French allies.

The war lasted for the next four years, and by 1954, after the defeat of the French at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, the situation became almost hopeless. The United States had already paid more than 80% of the costs of this war. Vice President Richard Nixon recommended to apply bombardment tactical nuclear warheads. However, in July 1954, the Geneva Accord was signed, according to which the Vietnamese territory was temporarily divided at the 17th parallel (there was a demilitarized zone) on North Vietnam (under the control of the Vietminh) and South Vietnam (under the rule of the French, who almost immediately provided it with independence).

In 1960 in the United States, in the battle for the White House, John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon took part. At this time, the struggle against communism was considered good form, and therefore the participant, whose struggle against communism was more decisive, was supposed to win. After the adoption of communism in China, the US government was considering any events in Vietnam as part of the communist expansion. It was impossible to avoid, and so after the Geneva agreements, the United States has decided to replace France in Vietnam. With the support of the Americans, Prime Minister of South Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem declared himself as the first president of the Republic of Vietnam. His rule was a tyranny in one of the worst forms. Only relatives were appointed to governmental positions, and the people hated them even more than the president. Those who opposed the regime were hidden in prison, freedom of speech was prohibited. It was hardly to the liking of America, but it was done for at least the one ally in Vietnam.

Often, the Vietnam War is regarded as the peak of the "cold war" between the Soviet bloc and China, on the one hand, and the United States with some of their allies - on the other. In America, the war in Vietnam is the most dark spot in its history. In the history of the Vietnam War, this is perhaps the most heroic and tragic page. The Vietnam War was both a civil war between the various political forces of Vietnam and the armed struggle against the US occupation. The results of this war were really tragic.

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