Why Freelance Job Doesn't Fit Everyone


The ability to work at home can become a fulfillment of dream for someone, while for others it may be a nightmare which came true. Of course, it is difficult to overestimate the appeal of a situation where you can get out of bed, take your laptop and automatically appear in the workplace. However, if you are not the owner of the right temperament and character set of features, distant work may cause destroying impact on your career.

Of course, working from home, you can wear anything you like and start the working day when it's convenient for you. Nevertheless, the lack of structuring, which is being provided in the office, may be detrimental to the professional achievements. Remote work is the most suitable for those people, who got used be responsible and have no problems with adequate self-esteem.

Remote employment, according to Wikipedia, is growing in popularity, and it is useful not only for employers, but also for their employees. Companies are embracing remote working as a method of motivation - to attract and retain talented professionals. Benefits for employees are obvious: savings of costs, time and greater mobility. Freelance and remote work are becoming increasingly popular due to the changes occurring in the economy. However, to achieve success, working remotely, it is possible only if you possess certain traits of character.

First of all, they are independence and enterprise. If communication with colleagues is important for you, if sense of response is not your cup of tea, and in order to achieve good results you need the support and encouragement of others, it is likely that freelance job is not for you. In addition, you should feel very comfortable when communicating with colleagues only virtually. Person who works from home, must have good communication skills, and to understand at least the basics of time management. As the main instruments of communication are email and mobile, the remote employees have to articulate their thoughts clearly and concisely. Those, who can easily be distracted by external factors (mail delivery, dog barking or unexpected visitors), will scarcely be able to work from home. Freelance and remote work requires a certain rigidity of character, which will allow not to pay attention to the emerging problems in the house and putthem back on later.

Successful work at home, among other things, depends on whether the employee is communicating with his boss and co-workers on a regular basis, whether he fully understands the tasks and whether it is possible for him to meet the expectations of the team. Besides, freelance job implies the conversion of the house into the office (it will scarcely be a place in front of the TV). Another condition for a successful work at home is the "approval" of your own work schedule. This schedule should be followed, even if the working "day" starts at midnight. Discipline in the office often depends on the leadership and at home it falls on the shoulders of the specialist.

Among disadvantages of freelance job you may find the following:

  • Slower acquisition of new skills. Self-education can’t be very productive

  • Failure of the regime. Office work helps to stick to a certain schedule, while working as a freelancer you can easily get used to sleep till noon and be distracted by external factors.

  • Lack of communication. Being a freelancer, you have not many opportunities to communicate with other people, whom you are working with.

  • Organizational difficulties. Working at home, you will not feel the spirit of competition, which leads to the lack of motivation.

  • Backlog in career growth. Being a freelancer you will have no career growth, as you are completing all those projects that were given to you.

  • Less mobility. Being at home all day means that you suffer from the lack of motion, as you do not need to go to work.

As you see, freelance job is not for everyone. If you feel that freelance is not your cup of tea, and it is better for you to stick to a certain schedule and to work in office, you should choose the type of job which is the most suitable for you, thus you could feel comfortable and enjoy your job.

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