Why Sitting All Day Is Harmful For You


Nowadays, most people are leading sedentary lifestyle. That is because students are spending their days sitting on lectures, and later at home, making their homework and studying. The same thing is about office workers, who almost do not move and spend long hours sitting in office. You may think that there is nothing harmful about this, but in real it is. Just imagine that you are sitting in the office next to computer all day long and you almost do not move or walk. What if in addition, you do not have time to go for sports or you are just lazy enough to do morning exercises? As a result you will gain weight, which can negatively influence your heart and even nervous system.

Here are the main reasons why sitting all day can be harmful for you:

  1. Cardio vascular diseases. As your body burns less fat, it is more likely that your blood pressure may rise, which is very harmful for your heart.

  2. Muscle degeneration. You muscles do not get enough tension, and as a result the slightest load can cause pain and muscle breaks.

  3. Disorders of legs. One of the most popular among these disorders is varicose. It happens because when sitting for a long time, blood flow breaks down and veins are swelling.

  4. Problems with your back. Usually, when sitting on the chair for a long time, your back gets tired and you can slouch. As a result, it negatively influences the inner organs and the back pain can spoil your mood and health.

So, what should one do, to avoid these serious consequences?

  • First of all, it is necessary to do morning exercises, as well as to do some gymnastics during the day. It will help you to stretch your muscles and to improve your blood flow.

  • Move your head, arms and legs. Take at least a short walk if you have such an opportunity during the day.

  • Do some exercises for your eyes. They are getting tired during the day, so try to do some exercises at least every hour.

  • Massage your neck during the day, in order to release it from tension and relax the muscles.

Passive lifestyle can poorly influence your health in general. Usually, people, who live such life suffer from fatigability, sleep disorders, irritability, apathy, depressions. Consequences of such disorders are very serious and dangerous for the mental health.

It is very important for every person to do some sports, or at least any other activities during the holidays, weekends and other moments when you have some spare time. Do not forget, that your health is very important and you have to do your best to maintain it in the proper manner, in order to be healthy, successful and happy.

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