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Article, which has a critical focus, identifies and condemns the negative phenomenon, is called critical. Critical article is a kind of journalistic genre. To learn how to write such articles, will be discussed further.

First of all, decide the topic. Write about what you need, what you really understand. The theme for this article can serve as an event that caused the public interest, known human activity, release of a new movie or book.

By the way, if you criticize the work of art, or someone's article, it will be not just a critical article, but literary-critical. This article looks at the artwork on all sides, assesses its social, aesthetic and moral value, humanistic orientation.

After selecting a topic, define the main idea of ​​the article, specify the topic, title of the article. Locate the main key words that would express the problem discussed, check the basic concepts involved in the formulation of the theme - it will be necessary for writing. In addition, it is necessary to determine the goals and objectives of the article. What do you want to achieve from readers – to make them think think, cause some response, to enter into the debate? If the article is aimed to be published in your blog, it can be controversial, especially if the topic is relevant at the moment. Be prepared for this.Our first and main goal is to achieve customers’ satisfaction and we can help you with academic writing!

It is necessary to make a plan of the article. It will help to make the structure of the text more logical and to combine all the basic ideas and avoid duplication. The text must be coherent. The article should express your views on the subject criticized, express personal attitudes, evaluate them, highlight the special properties of the object. The next thing you should do is to prove the point, why do you think that way, n conclusions and generalizations. and have collected the most useful information for you.

Before you start, it is possible, and even necessary, to get acquainted with other critical article on your topic of interest. The views of other authors may be useful, for example, you can pay attention to some less illuminated parts, or stumble upon some interesting idea.

Critical article should have a conclusion in which you sum up the results of the above, the conclusions drawn. It is possible to express the main idea of ​​the article with the epigraph of a work corresponding to your subject (especially if you are writing critical articles).

Literary-critical article

Even if you feel consider the criticized issue terrible, do not just go for the unfortunate author and make yourself an exquisite reader. In order for the criticism was useful, it is necessary to keep your face and stay calm. The first step is to talk a little bit about the writer. What kind of man he is\was? Which of his works are already known? If it is an aspiring author, you should mention it. One thing it is to evaluate those who annually publish several books, but quite another thing is to smash to smithereens the man who had just entered the thorny literary path. Take a maximum of respect and understanding, as well as be considerate and polite. Nobody asks to hide the truth and wishful thinking, but remember that each of us should start with something. And our task is to help make those first steps to the writer and to teach the general public to look sensibly on literary things.

Critical article, of course, should not be devoid of emotions. However, they should not be in chaos. The emotional tone of your article plays an important role. You should avoid writing the following: "It's horrible, disgusting work, dry text, ugly images" and stuff like that. It should be as detailed as possible to describe all your thoughts and feelings that this work evoked in your soul. Stop the attention on the details. Therefore, it will be seen that you have penetrated into the essence of the point, tried to understand it, to explore the literary work.

Be sure to note what you liked. Let it be a few unusual metaphors or sudden thought. Let this be the brightness or extravagant style of narration. Anything. Nevertheless, do not think that if the article is critical, so it is only necessary to abuse. On the contrary, if there is something worthy, hook on it. Also, you should mention everything that is bad. Create a favorable atmosphere thus the reader could hear you. Our prices for academic writing will surprise you!

You know, when it comes to aggressive criticism, people immediately think of the unfortunate master who burned his novel. Burned his wonderful novel simply because someone thought himself more worthy than the others. Perhaps it is your opinion, your view, which will play a fateful role. Can you imagine what kind of responsibility is it? Therefore, if you do not feel the strength and desire to point out anything good, pick another object to test their wits.

When you have talked about the author, focused on the strong points of the narrative, you can begin to criticize. Yes, tell the readers about what was wrong, consider what the writer lacked. Open his the idea, once again conducting a parallel with your feelings. Express yourself precisely and clearly. Try to show your location, show all your resourcefulness. Become a friend and soul mate, not arrogant scribbler, who did not write a single word himself, but is ready to smash everyone. Give a helping hand to anyone who might need it. I am convinced that if we had more constructive criticism, we would not have to read so many weak works, whose authors are either not aware of their shortcomings, or write in spite of all the previous critics they encountered. Now we have found out how to write critical articles.

Our site can offer critical essay writing service of high quality. In case if you do not know how to write your critical thinking essay, we are able to help you. Leave this task to us and you will be completely satisfied with the result. Get all benefits provided by our site!

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