Article Writing: Pros And Cons


In order to properly understand how to write a really good article, you must know what is the article, what is its essence and role. Read up to the end, and finally, we will present 15 rules of writing articles of high quality.

What is article?

The article relates to analytical genre of journalism. This nonfiction is of small size, dedicated to an important issue, or topical subject. Considering this, article - is the most common and most difficult genre, in terms of its writing.

In the article, the author usually considers the task of social situations, life processes, multifaceted phenomenon, and (or) perform the analysis.

Common and distinguishing features of the article:

- A clear social orientation;

- Consideration, reflection and deep analysis of a particular phenomenon, its facts;

- Reasoned synthesis, confirming the idea, forming its own position or a position in a production version of the concept ideas.

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The article is a separate genre of journalism, however, in connection with the thematic variety and diverse orientation, they are grouped by type and destination basis. Types determined by three main groups:

- Information - this article has an explanatory nature, carrying some information. These include: notes, news articles, information correspondence, information reports, news interviews, quiz, question-answer, reports, obituaries.

- Analytics - articles that necessarily present reasoning, analysis and conclusion. They rank: analytical reports, correspondence analysis, analytical interviews, analytical surveys, interviews, commentaries, case summaries, profiles, monitoring, ratings, reviews, journalistic investigations, surveys, media surveys, forecasts, version, experiments recommendations. May include evaluation.

- Artistic and journalistic articles are a symbiosis of figurative and expressive means and concepts, with a vibrant, emotive, expressive force of the impact on the reader. These are essays, sketches, satires, pamphlets and others.

According to the purpose: progressive, outreach, problem, critical, scientific, advertising, news articles, etc. The editorial reflects the views of the entire edition on the most pressing issues at this time.

Problem article examines the sharp political and ideological problems. Sometimes, problem articles are constructed in the form of debates, which sets out a number of opinions on a particular topic.

Paper is divided into: information and narrative, in which the material is consistently telling about something, and information and narrative, in which the information is presented in the form of item description, its components and functions. News article characterized by relevance, sharpness, interest and novelty.

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What should be the structure of the paper?

Nothing supernatural is defined in the new structure of the articles. As in any scientific work, the main parts of the article are:

  • Introduction

  • Main part

  • Conclusion

  • In addition, mandatory for the article is the existence of a header.

Article 15 of the rules of quality

1. The correct title.

The title should be interesting, clear and informative. On the basis of the reader, determines whether he read the article, what information he can get, and how useful it will be to him.

2. An intriguing management.

The reader should be of interest to convey the meaning of the story in the beginning of the article, without revealing the whole essence. Allow to "taste" the basic idea and hold the reader until the very end.

3. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the theme.

There is no need to divert the reader in-depth knowledge of the meaning of life, when he was looking for information on what's inside the vacuum cleaner.

4. It is necessary to adhere to basic principles:

- shortness

- literacy

- validity

- plagiarism free article.

5. Write simple sentences.

In a number of exceptions can be scientific articles or articles of a technical nature.

6. It is necessary to divide the text into paragraphs.

For the convenience of the reader, it should be used no more than 5-10 sentences in the same paragraph.

7. Work according to the plan. Make Rational Use Of Time.

To follow the progress of threads use plan, where two or three compelling arguments listed for the main part, and a few phrases in a convincing conclusion.

8. All in the order. In the description of the issue you need to stick to the system, plan will help you with this. It is necessary to substantiate and give the facts and to avoid generalizations and uncertainty.

9. Avoid colloquial expressions and slang.

If only it is not required by the target audience or article style.

10. Right speech and style.It is necessary to exclude the tautology and repetitions.

11. It is not necessary to use the words, the meaning of which is not fully understood.

12. Do not abuse the unions "but", "and", in the beginning of the sentence.

13. Do not write upper case to attract attention - it is bad form, it is better to use this whiter suitable means, such as font, bold, italic. Do not put unnecessary punctuation to make the text more "vivid" - it is also a sign of a weak voice stock, the similarity of how the person, who can not express his thoughts, hoping to shout to prove his point of view.

14. Be sure to check the text for spelling and punctuation errors.

15. In conclusion, it is not necessary to write the allegations, concluding it should be justified.

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