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Writing an evaluation essay is a very responsible task. Evaluation essay is aimed to present the point of view about a certain aspect described in the essay. Why is it called so? Because the evaluation in the essay is being given on the basis of the criteria, thanks to which the essay is being analyzed and written in the right key. The writer, who is working on the evaluation essay, should make a precise research and provide and find the arguments to support this or that idea. It is required to use strong and interesting thesis statement, as well as to provide the reader with convincing arguments. Do not forget, that the more evidences you use, the more convincing your resume appears to be in the eyes of your reader. Your essay is aimed to persuade the reader, so use only check information. Evaluation essay should also contain good conclusion, which will contain the results of your research and analysis. Having read your evaluation essay, the reader should be totally convinced, even if he had another point of view previously.

So, here are some steps, which will help you to writer really good and coherent evaluation essay:

  1. In case if you do not have a certain topic and you are free to choose one, you should find something you could evaluate. In most cases, it would be better to  evaluate a book, movie, or the political system, for example.

  2. Make a draft of the thesis statement. It means that it is not the final thesis statement, and it can be changed during the process of writing. Maybe, when writing the essay, much better idea of thesis statement will come to your mind.

  3. Point out the subject of your paper and provide the reader with the overall information about the aspect you are evaluating. It is very important to interest the reader with your ideas, so, when describing them, try to be unique and unusual, as it will help you to convince the reader with your point of view later.

  4. Point out certain criteria, which you are going to use when evaluating the subject you chose. It is very important for the criteria to be quite precise, thus you could make your evaluation interesting and on business, without any extra information, which doesn’t really correspond to the topic.

  5. Try to provide the reader with the results of your researches or observations, using convincing arguments.

  6. Do not forget about detailed conclusion, in which you will sum up the ideas you presented in the essay, and the results of your evaluation.

As you see, writing an evaluation essay is not difficult, but can be quite challenging. However, if you will learn our simple tips, you will find evaluation essay writing very simple and pleasant. Do not forget to mind the structure of the essay, thus it would be coherent, and it would be easy for the reader to follow the ideas you are presenting in the paper.

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