How To Learn To Make Rational Use Of Time?


Time is the most precious gift that life could give us. The truly successful people always spend their time wisely - that is why he can do so many things in such a short time. For the modern man, this axiom is more relevant than ever, because the combination of work and career makes itself felt: less time is left for yourself and your needs, and you want to keep up with everything and live a full life. Hence, constant fatigue, irritability and neuroses is the burden of responsibility and haste makes itself felt.

Plan your time

Time management is perhaps the most effective step to an analysis of the debris. If you think it takes too much time and is not effective, try to write down your affairs at least for one day, plan them in the order of their priority. Get yourself a nice diary, which you will be pleased to take over, and write down all the plans in.

Highlight the most important and the primary business in your diary in a different color, in order to constantly pay attention to them. After their execution, proceed to matters of lesser importance, and so on. Most importantly is to give yourself some leeway, do not put clear time limits. Life is not a series of clearly defined time frames as force majeure matters can also happen, and they can easily put you off the track. Therefore, it is important that the time frames were blurred thus in the case of unexpected problems, you can easily all replay.

If you do not know according to which criteria you should divide your matters, try to stick to such a simple system:

1. Important and urgent business;

2. Important but not urgent business;

3. Not important but urgent business;

4. Unimportant and non-urgent business.

Each group should be marked with a certain color. Initially, it will be difficult, but you will get used to it over time, and you will easily allocate your duties.

Show your willpower

Try to limit the so-called "time traps" - activities that distract and waste the time, without giving anything in return. It can be spending your time on the Internet on your favorite site, viewing the next series of your favorite TV show, reading newspapers or watching TV. Such traps quickly and permanently take away precious time that could be spent on learning English, or the performance of other important things. Often, without even noticing, you can spend a decent amount of time, and again in a hurry to carry out the necessary tasks, driving yourself in an endless circle of fatigue.

Perform one matter at a time

No matter how multitask you are, you will not be able to cope with many things at the same time very well. The golden rule of time management - performing business, you should wholly dedicate yourself to it. The fact is that doing several things at once, it is very easy to miss the small details, because of which you will have to return to the implementation of the same case more than once. As a result, you spend much more time on a task than you could have initially spent. Resist the temptation to show your best side, and to do everything at once. Eventually, you will have to either ask for outside help to perform complex tasks, or to fall back on a tired feet.

Another aspect is that should try to dive into the task as deep as possible, and to absorb the information corresponding to your current business. This will increase the efficiency. No one is able to switch from one case to another instantly, without the loss of time. However, to keep the attention on one big issue, you should have a lot of energy. Therefore, keep on hand a few small things that do not require diving deep into them. They will help to escape without the loss of the focus, in addition, our mentality is such that the monotonous work that requires no mental effort, helps to concentrate on the truly important things in life and increases brain activity.

Constantly analyze

Constantly pay attention to what you are spending the most time for. For example, a large amount of time is spent on your thoughts of what you are going to cook, and what products you should buy. The solution is simple: pre-write the lists of what you need to purchase. Use your free intervals to plan your menu.

Follow the sleep regime

No matter how desirable it is for you to finish the job on time and go to bed a little later - it is better to sacrifice the unimportant things and go to sleep on time. Fatigue and lack of sleep greatly reduces the efficiency, and the next day it will be more difficult for you to perform list of business.

Work on call

When you are performing any business it is very difficult to keep track of the time frame. Set a reminder on your phone or use a special computer program - divide the day into time segments. For example, put a timer on the fifty minutes of work in this period of time, no matter what, do not be distracted. Then set the same timer for the vacation.

Intervals may be different: for example, forty minutes of work and twenty-minutes of break, or fifty minutes of work and ten minute break. The most important is to dedicate this time period to work, be engaged in the issue, and during the time allocated to leisure, free your head and relax. This method allows you not to keep track of time and thus to effectively distribute it.

Do not forget to have a rest

Employability is the resource that is not infinite, and leisure is required even to workaholics. Take time for yourself, allow yourself to walk with friends, spend time in a cafe. Life is not just a job, it is full of amazing moments, that can make your life vivid. In order to be successful in job, you should have enough time to relax. Otherwise, your work will be not efficient.

Below is the list of the most peculiar useless affairs, from which you can easily refuse:

- Trips to the shops and boutiques (many people go there just for fun, not having money with them);

- Incumbency at the television screens;

- Communication on the Internet (on Skype, in ICQ, etc.);

- Visiting social networks (it is possible to lose a few hours of time);

- Removal of spam mailbox (both men and women office workers are forced to do so).

Perhaps you are not ready to admit that you are losing a lot of time. Sit down in the evening, write down all the business done during the day by the minute.

Seeing how much time was spent on nothing, you will be amazed. You should multiply this times in a week, a month, a year, and you will understand why you did not achieve the goal in life yet, and you should fix it immediately. And it is in your power. Remember that careful attitude to time will ensure rich, successful life.

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