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Summary is considered to be negligible in comparison with the course or research papers. That is why, we focus on its writing less, and often do not care about the original text and the harmony of the composition. However, the essay writing is an integral part of the educational process. While working on the essay, we form our skills to be able to create more serious papers. That is why you need to know how to write an essay of good quality.

Essay is defined as a form of written communication, presentation of the basic ideas of posts, united by one topic, their systematization, synthesis and evaluation. It means that in the essay, books an articles should not be reproduced word for word, because it is not a synopsis. Basing on the fact that the essay requires systematization of the information, it can’t contain only one source, otherwise, it will be not an essay, but a report. Finally, an essay is intended to summarize the obtained source material, rather than to review the books themselves.

The purpose of writing the essay serves as a deeper understanding of the topic and storing useful information. In addition, when working on the essay, we work out the skills of organization and commitment, which are useful not only in the studying.

Choosing a topic

Now, let's formulate the topic. Sometimes the teacher gives it to you specifically, sometimes prompts you to select from a large list of topics, and sometimes leaves a complete freedom of choice after you, in order for the topic of the essay to be studied as the part of the course program. When choosing a topic it is important to be guided by your own interest. If the subject is close and interesting, then writing an essay will go fast and fun, even if it is inherently more complex and deeper than others. Also note the presence of literature. If you have time to think, it is better to note for yourself two or three threads (not more) and look for the existing achievements of researchers. Choose the topic about which you found more information.

Selecting the material

Now let’s dwell on the selection of the material. The most modern and "lazy" way of selection of literature is the Internet. To search for information, you should enter the site of one of the recognized search engines such as Google and others, and type the key words of your subject. It is best not just to look for any information on this subject, but also you should check electronic versions of textbooks and scientific papers. In this case, the information will be accurate and truly scientific. All found on the Internet articles and sections of books should be saved in the same folder, clearly naming each source, though the temptation to quickly copy and just paste is also huge. This further saves time in finding the required thesis.

Do not neglect the library, because it is often possible to find the basic material and information from the World Wide Web there, and it will be supporting. It is desirable to use periodicals besides books. It is important that the information is relevant, and textbooks are modern. As the development of the topic and set of the necessary information, it forms a conditional plan of the essay. When all of the material is selected, you should proceed directly to writing.

The structure of the essay

The volume of the abstract is usually 7-15 pages, in rare cases it can be up to 20. Standard essay traditionally consists of several parts:

  • title page;
  • plan;
  • introduction;
  • main body;
  • conclusion;
  • a list of references.

Let's examine each of the parts. and have collected the most useful information for you!

Title page. When making the cover sheet, take into account the requirements of your school because the formatting may vary. In order not to redo it, it is better to ask your teacher for a sample. Complete the title page very carefully, for it to contain no typos. If in the errors and misprints inside of the paper may be unnoticed, the "face" of the essay should be impeccable. The page number on the title page is not assigned.

Table of Contents to the essay contains a list of chapters, sub-chapters and page numbers to them. Often, instead of a table of contents, it is required to write the plan. The simple plan can look as a numbered list of issues, with the name of the paragraphs of the essay, while the composite plan includes addition of paragraphs and sub-paragraphs indication.

Introduction. It may consist of a single paragraph, and may take a page or half of a page. Its main goal is to introduce the reader to the problem. In the introduction there should mention the choice of the topic (in a way it is important), its relevance. We outline the goals and objectives. If necessary, we do a brief overview of the sources we used. If we initially failed to write an introduction, it can be done after the conclusion, when all thoughts are systematized and received final clearance.

Main body. Before you start writing the main part, it is necessary to determine the names of chapters and sections. Then it is necessary to build the chain, so as not to break the sequence of thoughts and not to deviate from the given topic. Maximally highlight the main aspects in the body of the essay. It is necessary to explain the basic concepts contained in the sources. Be sure to refer to the author, if you use quotes: it is an indicator of your academic "qualification”. When citing, references are made. There are several options for processing, for example, a footnote may be imposed in the bottom of the page, and can be specified briefly in brackets: number of the source in the reference list and the output of the page Quote ([1, 35].) It is required to check the correct formatting in advance.

Conclusion. In conclusion, summarize some general conclusions on the main topic, and present your own view on the problem and its solution.

References or bibliography – is a systematic compilation of the list of sources used. In other words, those details, according to which even an outsider can find a particular book. The list is in alphabetical order, on the last page of the abstract and has clear rules.

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