How To Learn To Cook


Many people want to learn to cook, but have no idea how to approach this. Dishes more complicated than eggs are presenting an elusive top, to approach which, only a few people having any culinary talent or the incredible patience are able. So often I see people who have mastered a few basic recipes (for example, chicken broth and meatballs), and using them for the whole life. With slight variations. As a result, food becomes monotonous, and therefore not very useful for health. However, in fact, to learn how to cook from scratch is very simple. The main thing is to have the desire. In addition, do not be afraid that too much time will be spent in the kitchen. There are a lot of dishes, preparation of which takes a minimum of time and at the same time, they are very tasty.

You should start with the most simple but tasty dishes. The only requirement for them is to be delicious! Tasty food cooked with your own hands is the stimulus for further feats on the basis of the cooking. So, the first step is simple: to visit some culinary website and get acquainted with the recipes. For the beginning, you can cook a variety of baked sandwiches, pita rolls with different fillings, salads and fish dishes - most of these dishes are prepared quickly and easily.

It is better to choose a site where there are step by step recipes with photos - the visibility is always faster and easier in training process. What is convenient in these recipes is that you can always be sure that everything is correct. In addition, they are more detailed and clear than usual recipes, and this is very important, especially when you learn to cook from scratch.

It is also recommended to get acquainted with the necessary appliances and devices that greatly facilitate the cooking process: bread machines, juicers, mixers, blenders and so on. The culinary sites usually contain articles with descriptions of all these delights of the kitchen, through which you can decide what you need and how to choose what you need.

Another aspect that has to be mastered by novice cook is the choice of ingredients. Good, high-quality products are consisting half the battle in preparing tasty dishes. Meat, fish, fruits and vegetables – every product has its little secrets that you need to know. For example, did you know that not everyone bacon is suitable for salting? Moreover, not every variety of cucumbers is suitable for pickling! After reading these secrets, you can safely proceed to the core: the cooking itself.

So, we have created the list of top 10 most important factors that will help you to learn how to cook!

  1. Choose the products carefully

Thus the cooked food turned out delicious and useful it is important to monitor the quality of products used. If you buy them in the supermarket, look not only at the expiration date, but also the appearance and smell. If possible, buy homemade eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat. Then cooked meal will have a bright flavor, natural flavor and bring more benefits to the body.

Pay attention to water, which you are going to use for cooking. The water that flows from under the tap is too hard, it contains a lot of unnecessary substances that have a negative impact on food products. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a special, purified drinking water or filter it yourself at home.

  1. What to start with?

The only desire to learn how to cook is not enough. It should be reserved in advance forces, patience and enthusiasm. If you have any difficulties at some stage - do not hesitate to ask your mom, friend or neighbor. Perhaps, their advice will be useful. Remember that you are just starting to learn, you need a large amount of useful information: advice of others, cookbooks.

  1. Experiments for or against?

Do not be afraid to experiment. Take the old grandmother's recipe or one from the magazine, book, or the Internet site. In advance, prepare all the necessary ingredients and strictly follow the instructions step by step, then start cooking.  Do not be afraid to experiment with the taste: add vanilla, nuts, cheese, spices, cream, as they change the taste. Do not be afraid, vary the taste parameters. Look for colors that are needed just for this dish.

  1. Cook for your friends and relatives

Start to cook for your family and relatives. This will be a great incentive. Your relatives will appreciate your doings and it will increase the desire to improve, to change, to experiment, to surprise and delight. Do not be afraid of criticism. Instead, ask them, what's wrong, what is missing, what was pleasant. Find out what is the favorite dish of your loved one and try to cook it.

  1. Create your own recipes

If you are not afraid to experiment with recipes anymore, then change them beyond recognition, creating your own unique masterpieces. Get a cookbook or a notebook. Write down every successful version of the recipe to give it in to the future descendants. Capture every detail: the number of ingredients, their output, describing each step, note the cooking time.

Try to come up with one recipe for each of the categories of food: savory snacks, light or hearty salad, unusual side dish, delicate or spicy meat, amazing dessert, a light drink and the like. Create bold, vibrant flavors.

Dishes prepared according to your own recipe will have a special unique taste.

  1. Try yourself in bakery

Many people believe that the bakery is an extremely difficult thing, and they can not cope with it. However, this is not so. To make a multi-layered cake with a variety of roses, leaves, swans - is certainly difficult, but it is the destiny of confectioners. Nevertheless, you can start with something small. Do something simple and easy. For example, cook a pie with apples or muffins. Do not be afraid to work with the dough. Sometimes it can be moody, but it is only in complex recipes. The ability to make homemade cookies, cakes, muffins is often useful: when you are going to visit friends or relatives, you can take a basket of cookies, or to make a present cake for boss at work.

  1. Tasty and beautiful

Tasty food will have a special taste, if served and decorated in a beautiful way. After all, if your eyes fall in love with the dish and mentally devoured it, even the most simple dish be it meat or salad, will seem incredibly tasty.

Try to think of a name to the dish, which would be unusual, simple, but catchy and memorable. Cut fruits and vegetables in different shapes, make them amazingly beautiful, bright. Add the greens, because fragrant sprig of parsley or dill will help to decorate most dishes. Prepare an unusual sauce that is suitable for potatoes, pasta or rice. Complement your meals with insignificant elements that can only improve your efforts.

Keep in mind that not all the products are suitable to each other. For example, fish and red wine. Unsuccessful combination, for example, will be to serve vegetable soup, vegetable stew and vegetable salad for the meal. Perhaps this is commonplace. However, such errors will make it impossible to fully appreciate the taste of delicate, fragrant vegetable stew and such a useful vitamin salad. Two dishes with strong flavors will overshadow each other, interrupting the flavor. Try to cook them in a way that they do not interfere with each other and will be complementary.

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