How To Stop Eating Sweets And Why?


Can you imagine your life without sweets? If not, then probably you have an addiction from sweets. Everybody knows that sweets influence our body negatively and spoil the teeth. We can speak about a lot of negative influences of sugar. In fact, overuse of sugar harms not only to our appearance, but also...

Why do we need it?

In fact, the nature of the sugar conceived as a vital element for us. In the distant times, when a man had to choose foods not on the inscription on the package, but on the principle "I found that, it is mine" sugar was a kind of beacon, if the product is sweet, it means that it is edible. Because poisonous plants tend to have a bitter taste.

Now, when the methods to identify the poison are more "advanced", the sugar still remains an indispensable element of our diet. Only because the glucose (which is also sugar) is the main source of energy for our body and is involved in many metabolic processes. Lack of sugar in the blood is considered to be a painful condition, accompanied by dizziness, weakness, irritability, and may end very badly.

Why is it dangerous?

Ironically, the evolution has arranged everything exactly as it should be: getting enough sugar from fruits and vegetables, the ancient man did not experience any shortage or busting into this product. Nevertheless, civilization has opened up a much greater culinary expanse for him: soon, bread, rice, potatoes and pasta have become the source of glucose. Everything would be great, but one day people learned to make sweet white powder and started adding it almost everywhere.

This is the main sugar trick. Counting calories and grams of sugar you eat in a day, you probably forget about the fact that glucose is contained almost in every product you eat, and not only in sweets. It turns out that candies, cookies and other pleasures go beyond the norm of sugar consumption rates per day. Yes, and other products - breakfast cereals, dried fruits, yogurt, are safe at first glance, and even marked by the manufacturer as dietary products, but almost every this product contains sugar. Most packaged juices (except for those made for children) are artificially sweetened.

Why is it dangerous? Well, firstly, if the blood sugar level increases too much, the body automatically "pushes out" all the unnecessary, putting it in the form of fat. As a result, obesity leads to problems with heart, blood vessels, liver and skeleton. Secondly, excessive sugar intake can impair insulin metabolism in the body, and this is the right path to diabetes.

On the other hand, sugar largely helps our brain: if the level of sugar in the blood is low, it becomes difficult for us to focus, performance and mood drops, there appears irritability, fatigue and insomnia. That is why many people are eating sweets when they are stressed. According to British scientists, sugar can actually cause addiction, of course, not as strong as drugs, but in the long term, not less dangerous.

Difficult balance

If your attitude towards your health is very careful and you want to carefully monitor your blood sugar levels, there are two ways to do this. The first is to sit down on the so-called low-carb diet, based on food consumption of protein and a small amount of fat. The second is to choose foods with a low glycemic index. In fact, this index indicates the speed and the intensity of a certain product being processed by your body and, consequently, how much and how it raises the level of sugar in your blood. The higher the index, the more harmful is the food.

However, the second method is well suited for diabetics. Those who simply want to monitor their weight, the first is more suitable, because, considering the glycemic index, you do not consider the amount of food eaten. It means that you can hold the level of sugar, but you will not be able to save yourself from extra weight.

However, until the dispute between the adherents of different diets continues, the most neutral and at the same time the most obvious option remains at least a partial refusal from sweets.

How to stop eating sweets?

It is very difficult for sweet-tooth to give up eating sweets. Of course, this is not syndrome of a drug addict, but some discomfort both physical and psychological you are likely to experience, as the temptation to eat something sweet is always there. However, if you do it right, it is possible to get rid of sugar dependence in just 5 days. Here are some tips for those who want to do this:

1. Lean on oatmeal. Often, the greatest amount of sugar that we consume, is eaten for breakfast. Therefore, the safest option is the oatmeal, sweetened with fresh berries. Besides, it is very nutritious: you will not feel hungry for a long time and during the day you will eat less than you would otherwise. Do not use quick cooking oatmeal: they tend to have sugar added.

2. Eat little portions and often. Ideally, this means three serious meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and two snacks (lunch and afternoon snack). This way you will always maintain your blood sugar at the proper level, and will want to eat less sweet.

3. More vitamin C. Studies of American physicians have shown that high levels of vitamin C in the diet helps to lower blood sugar and to cope with the unpleasant consequences of sugar consumption. So eat apples, oranges and pomegranates, similar drink juices or just go to the drugstore and buy vitamins. The more vitamins your body gets, the better.

4. More natural. Usually sweet-tooth develops certain eating habits, for example, eat a sweet in the same time of the day. Define your sugar schedule and collect at this point some less harmful snack. A handful of berries, for example. From a physiological point of view, this is a good way to be reconstructed at a lower sugar reception, with the psychological it is a small deception of your own habits.

You can also try sugar substitutes, they are sold in any supermarket. Just do not overdo. Some nutritionists believe that these substances stimulate the taste buds and cause hunger. But they do not satisfy it. As a result, you'll eat less sweet, but more other products. In case if you can’t drink tea without sugar, try to add a bit of honey. It is useful for your health and it will not affect your body.

5. Refuse from coffee. Caffeine is not only invigorates and elevates blood pressure but also increases the level of sugar in the blood. In addition, coffee or tea often "go" with sugar or candy, so do not tempt yourself once again.

Following these simple steps you will consume less sweets, and will have an opportunity to improve your health. If it is still difficult for you to give up eating candies, you can substitute them with dried fruits or fresh fruits. The main thing is to understand what you are doing this for. If you realize that you are doing good things for your health, it will be easier for you to give up eating sweets.

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