Personal Philosophy Of Success Essay


Success definition essay is the one that explains the meaning of success as a whole. Definition essay on success can be written in different ways, however, it is very important to express your personal point of view too. What is success essay? For every person the understanding of success is different. For example, some people may think that success lies in the amount of money you have, while the other will think that success is when you have a big and healthy family. People differ as well as their tastes. In general understanding, success can be defined as a state, when the person is satisfied with his life, due to the fact that he managed to achieve something important in life. For example you may get a job of your dream and considered it to be a success. Also, you may win the lottery and consider this fact to be successful.

Every person has his own philosophy of success. My philosophy of success lies in self development. I think that success is very important, as it predetermines your destiny and your attitude towards the life you have. Most people usually think of a success as about something material. In my turn, I consider success to be something abstract, something that can’t be touched or seen. Success in the embodiment of my achievements, it is a mental state, that gives me self-confidence. The fact that I have difficult tasks doesn’t bother me. In fact, I like to cope with difficult tasks, as I am pretty sure, that the more complicated tasks you have in life, the bigger success you will get.

I think that real success should combine financial well-being, as it gives you certain freedom, with the success in personal life. You may be surprised that I didn’t mention the career. That is because finances are tightly connected with the career goals, as you work to earn money. For me, it is extremely important to be successful mentally and financially. Only having the harmony between these two aspects I will consider myself successful.

The following tips will help you to achieve success in your life:

  1. Work hard.

  2. Do not be lazy.

  3. Pay some time to yourself.

  4. Be considerate and calm.

  5. Be focused on the positive result.

  6. Enjoy every day of your life.

  7. Learn new things every day.

  8. Take risks.

  9. Be patient.

  10. Struggle for your happiness and well-being.

These simple tips will help you understand that life is not simple, and in order to be successful, you should work really hard. Just try it, and you will understand that you deserve to be successful! This is my personal philosophy of success.

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