Amazing Properties Of Pearls


Pearl beads in shellfish have long attracted the inhabitants of the riparian countries. For a long time, pearl was used as a bargaining chip, and served as an expensive gift. To get it, catchers were diving to great depths, with the risk of their lives, in order to lift beautiful pearl from the bottom of the sea. Pearlescent stone is formed in the bivalve mollusks which can be found in seas and rivers. This product is an abnormal proliferation of the inner layer of a mollusk. Foreign body caught up in the sink, a grain of sand, some algae or tiny inhabitants, provoke the formation of pearls.

The main areas of pearl stone extraction and gathered the most interesting information for you.

Color of the bead directly depends on the color of the inner layer of the mantle, near which it is growing. The composition and the temperature of the water in the pond, health of the mollusk, and even the things that it eats influences the color. Pearls are divided into marine and freshwater (oysters), the second variant is a little cheaper.

  • River type was found earlier in Britain, Roman jewelers carried it from the coast of England, Ireland. Nowadays fishing is done only in the rivers of Germany and America.

  • In Russia, the pearls are actively mined in the rivers of the north and west of the European part.

  • In Tahiti, the most precious stone is mined. Black pearls are more expensive than white ones. Pearls of brown and chocolate color are also mined and produced in these places.

  • India Beaches are famous with mining pearls of pale pink color.

  • Pearls with yellowish tint are found in the peninsula of Sri Lanka.

  • Off the coast of Panama catchers raise pearls with a golden glow.

  • Sparkling white stone comes from Japan and the Australian coast.

Interesting facts bout pearl stone

Unfortunately the age of the pearl is short. It exists up to 200 years. After this period the pearl fades, cracks due to drying of active substances and loses its luster.

  • Beads were first used to decorate clothing in the II century BC, the mentioning of which is located in the ancient writings.

  • The bronze statuette of Aphrodite was decorated with golden earrings, in which little gems glittered.

  • The oldest finding of pearl jewelry is a necklace that was found in the beginning of the XX century from Suazo.

  • The "Pearl of Allah" is considered to be the largest. It was pulled from the huge shellfish. It has an oblong form, its size 24 to 16 cm and it weighs six and a half kilograms.

Market demand

The most expensive are considered to be black pearls, then pink ones and yellow are the least valuable. Natural pearls not always have flawless surface. Increasing of the number of defects is reflected in the value of the stone. If the surface has small irregularities, it involves a natural origin.

Beads were measured in millimeters, the larger the size, the higher is the price. The most valuable pearls are of perfectly round shape, but they are rare. Oval and pear-shaped pearls are also accepted.

The cost of a grain of pearls depends on the quality, which is determined by the power of the light. Pearlescent layer affects the price. Dull shine lowers the price. Some pearls cost not less than diamonds.

Cultured types of pearls

Natural stone cultivation seats come to desolation, and jewelry demand exceeds the supply. Based on the theory that its formation in the sink begins with ingestion of a foreign body, there were attempts to artificially push this process.

The first experiments were held by the Chinese back in the middle of the XVIII century. They carefully parted the shell, then pushed small pieces of something, giving a basis for future pearls. Then shell lived in water to fully grow the pearl. In this way, the Chinese cultured pearls.

The ability of pearls to treatment

To improve the body, people are wearing pearls. The properties for the treatment of pearls are well known to people. The stone has a healing effect on the internal organs, kidney disease, liver and restores normal bowel function and stomach.

After a day of work it allows the host to kick back and relax to the fullest. Anyone who wants to learn about future illnesses, needs to look at the stone. Black pearls are particularly suitable for such a procedure. If it darkens or fades, then the man is threatened by the tumor, or the offense occurred in the acid-base balance of the body. After these changes in a pearl, it is better for a person to consult the doctor.

Tibetan healers advised to cleanse the body and the entire circulatory system to keep the stone in the mouth for about 15 minutes every day. The properties of the mineral will help to raise the immune system and calm the heart arrhythmia.

Magical properties of pearls

Pearl has different properties. At all times it was believed that the stone prolongs life and preserves the beauty. In the Middle Ages, the parents of the groom gave the bride a string of pearls on their wedding night, which had a magical way to protect a woman from cheating. It was allowed to wear it only on major holidays. It was not allowed to give these stones to the descendants, since the properties of the graft necklace could bring big trouble to the new owner.

The stone gives its owner the ability to come into contact with any person, and to get benefit from it. It dislikes smug, proud, and ambitious people and it will not help them. Moreover, being the property of such a man, it fights with such qualities and enhances the character of the owner.

How to store pearls

The average age of pearls preservation under normal conditions rarely exceeds 150 years, however, there are elderly pearls that have been preserved up to several hundreds of years. Great dryness of the air, as well as high humidity, are equally contraindicated. In order for the pearls not to grow old, it is necessary to wear them, but it should not be kept in the direct sunlight. This gem is sensitive to water, acids, tobacco smoke, cosmetics - lotions, powders, hair lacquer, especially in the form of aerosols, various solvents, and is exposed to fire, natural skin secretions. For these reasons, it is necessary to wear a pearl gently: pearl ring must be removed before you wash your hands, because it may be contaminated and it will be difficult to restore. The deterioration of the quality of pearls can be to some extent suspended.

Pearls should be cleaned regularly. Pearl necklaces should be systematically sort out, re-string beads on a thread and tighten the knots between them, in order to prevent them from rubbing against each other, to protect it from rubbing on the drilling of the well and avoid losses, if the thread breaks. Pearls are advised to wear on the naked body, not the dress, otherwise it will wither. This gemstone loves affection, it is necessary to stroke, to touch it. During the storage it should not be wrapped in cotton-wool fabrics, which contributes to its desiccation. Pearls should be wrapped in a slightly damp linen cloth to avoid scratching not be stored together with other semi-precious stones, as the are usually harder.

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