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Essay on arranged marriage can be written in various ways. Love marriage vs arranged marriage essay is another topic that is being vividly discussed nowadays. So, if you need to write marriage definition essay or arranged marriages essay, you need to collect interesting facts and information.

Are the arranged marriages frequent?

The arranged marriages are not rare at all. However, the main thing is to arrange it correctly. Although in almost every union there are some calculation. According to statistics, slightly more than fifty percent of marriages are for love, the rest are for fear of loneliness, because the time has come and people consider that it is the time to create a family, because of the desire to have a stable old age or for selfish reasons.

Perhaps, the guiding slogan is to blame for this, it is the lifeblood of the last decades - earn, be enriched and spend as much as possible. It is clear that even if you can not earn, there will always be a person who knows how to do it. However, arranged marriages always existed, even in a very remote time: when two very noble families decided to unite for reasons of "good for business", they married their daughters on mutually beneficial terms.

So what is marriage? Is it compatible with love or not?

Such a marriage is correct to define as an alliance of two people, at least one of which pursues any material interest and puts it in the place of sincere feeling. However, what is the base for such a marriage? Yes, all on the same painstaking search for the ideal, only the requirements for the ideal are very clear. In order to provide access to a large amount of money (and, therefore, provide, support to the family, creating comfortable conditions for it), this partner is directly connected with this ideal. While some part of women expects to marry a faithful, kind, constant person, the second part is looking for a person with nice appearance, finally, the third, most naive part, is looking for a certain prince from a fairy tale, embodying all possible male virtues. As you see, the calculation is present in all these expectations. and collected the most interesting information for you!

In fact, there is nothing reprehensible in marriage with a reliable and wealthy person, because the social success of a man most often means that he realized himself, and he can be respected for that. Social "failure" almost always indicates the opposite, unless, of course, the man is not a "free artist" from the number of geniuses not recognized by society. However, the beautiful prince may well throw you, go broke, or even die at all. No matter what happens, it will be a serious blow for the woman who has neither education nor specialty, and knows how to do nothing except to lead the household and raise children, fully trusting the material care to the rich spouse.

In addition, what do the omniscient psychologists and "philosophers of life" think about this? The first argue that arranged marriages are mostly strong, because they are built not on the sand, but on a completely tangible foundation; The latter recognize them even stronger unions than marriages for love. In an arranged marriage, there is one positive side - marrying with open eyes, no one builds illusions, hence less frustration. The only requirement to this marriage is mutual respect, then love can come later, even stronger and more reliable than those who marry in a fit of passion.

There are many other reasons for arranged marriages: the desire to gain fame or a higher social status, many people dream of marrying a foreigner. Often, the financial well-being of a future spouse, although important, is still not paramount; In a "prudent" marriage union, women want to gain emotional stability and psychological comfort. Find out about us and place your order!

So, an arranged marriage. What are its pros and cons?

Explicit advantages of an arranged marriage:

Partners can not blind their feelings, which means that they tend to objectively evaluate their chosen one, weighing all the pros and cons. Marriage of convenience is, first of all, a profitable transaction, and usually both sides perfectly understand what is being "bought" and what exactly is "being sold."

♦ Both spouses understand what they are doing, doing it quite consciously and, consequently, do not create unnecessary illusions that, after a time, could collapse, as, unfortunately, often happens in a marriage for love.

♦ Spouses rarely require an indispensable "fidelity to the grave" from each other, as well as they do not wait for a constant display of tender feelings and awe.

♦ By mutual observance of the terms of the contract there can be no grounds for big quarrels.

♦ There is no risk that love will end.

♦ Household quarrels and quarrels over money are also excluded.

It happens that arranged marriage becomes a marriage of love. People get used to each other, and since they are friendly, gradually there is a lasting feeling, which can already be considered as love. It is necessary to try to achieve such a result, in the end there is nothing impossible in it. Custom writing services of your dream here!

The obvious disadvantages of marriage by calculation

There is always the possibility that the calculation is not justified. For example, the living space of the future spouse may be rented out or owned by some relatives, and not personally by him. A very wealthy old man, whom you can marry, confidently counting on an early inheritance, leave all the inheritance to his previous family or families (ex wives, children from previous marriages, other relatives), about which you probable may know nothing. Finally, they can deceive you. Let's say you seriously aimed at a respectable man in a very elegant suit and with an expensive foreign car, who introduced himself as the general director of a large firm, in fact, can only appear the chauffeur of that director himself. And besides:

♦ Such a marriage is not "flavored" with love (although it may occur with some luck later, but it is not worth it);

Sex with an unloved person may give you a lot of negative emotions and experiences;

♦ Surely all finance will be concentrated in the hands of the "rich half";

♦ There is a high probability of constant, fairly strict control and accounting (money, time, behavior, friends, etc.). Life wisdom says: without the sadness of living, being a free poor, it is often better than to be sad, being a rich recluse;

The risk of getting another person's attitude to him as a bought item. In addition, this is quite possible to "allow" the one who has money;

♦ If the conditions of the marriage contract (or oral contract) are violated, the culprit in this violation may remain with nothing.

Statistics show that 60% of marriages divorce in the first 3-5 years of living together, hence we can assume that this is the marriage of love, which was the passion and love of the first dates.

Nevertheless, do not despair! It should be mentioned that everything depends first of all on you: your marriage will break up quickly or be long and happy. Only you are free to choose: to marry by calculation or for love, you are the creator of your life and destiny. In addition, wherever you are now, choose the path to a happy marriage and build it by yourself, without hoping for eternal love from fairy tales.

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