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The topic environmental pollutions essay can cover water pollution essay, air pollution essay, noise pollution essay.

In the process of its development, the mankind constantly faces pollution of the environment. Despite the fact that improving technology improves the quality of our lives, such rapid progress inevitably leads to noise, light, biological and even radioactive contamination. As a result, with the growth of life comfort, a person worsens the quality of his own health. Therefore, environmental protection is so important.

  • Physical pollution of the environment. This concept is quite voluminous and therefore it is divided into several subspecies, each of which characterizes a particular physical phenomenon. Any pollution of the natural environment in which a person participates is called anthropogenic. Anthropogenic impact suppresses the ability of nature to self-renew.

  • Thermal occurs for various reasons, and the source of this type of pollution can be: underground construction; Laying of communications; Activity of some microorganisms. These factors can significantly increase the temperature of the soil, which releases heat to the environment, as a result, the temperature of the medium also changes. In addition, any petrochemical company can be a serious source of thermal pollution, where incineration of production wastes is constantly occurring. As a result of thermal pollution in large industrial cities, the average temperature changes, and this affects the water bodies. Due to thermal pollution in water bodies, some species of flora and fauna disappear and others appear instead, fish spawning conditions are violated, and the amount of oxygen in the water decreases.

  • Lighting. This type of pollution seems quite harmless at first glance, since, in fact, light pollution is a violation of the natural illumination of the environment. Nevertheless, experts say the opposite, and as a result of light pollution, water bodies are the most affected. They change the turbidity of water, and artificial light blocks the possibility of access to the depth of light of the natural. As a result, the conditions for photosynthesis of plants in water bodies change. There are four main sources of light pollution: the illumination of the night sky in cities, light intentionally directed in the wrong direction, illumination directed to the sky, a cluster of bright, unsystematic redundant illuminations.

  • Noise. The main components of noise pollution are excessively loud noises and sounds that have extremely harmful effects on the human body, so that noise pollution is considered one of the most dangerous for mankind. Too loud sounds, which include sounds with a noise level of over 130 decibels, can lead to such consequences as: diseases of the hearing aid, nervous disorders (including shock reactions), mental disorders, visual impairment and disturbances in the work of the vestibular apparatus (especially for those who work in noisy industries). In recent years, noise pollution is quite a serious problem, and physicians have even introduced a new term - noise sickness. This ailment is accompanied by a disturbance of the nervous system under the influence of too loud sounds. Check our services right now!

  • Vibrating. As we know, very strong vibrations have a negative impact on surrounding structures: from such vibrations, uneven sedimentation of foundations and entire buildings can occur, which can subsequently lead to their deformation, as well as to partial or complete destruction. Such vibrations and oscillations of different frequencies are called vibrational pollution of the environment, but it is dangerous not only for impact on buildings and structures, but also for their negative impact on the human body. At the same time, vibrational pollution not only causes irritation and interferes with rest or work, but can also have a serious impact on health. Particularly subject to vibrational contamination areas, which are located the following objects: compressor and pumping stations, vibrating platforms, turbines of diesel power stations, cooling towers (devices for cooling large volumes of water).

  • Electromagnetic pollution arise as a result of the operation of energy devices, electronics and radio engineering, while ordinary household electrical appliances have no relation to this. We are talking about radar stations, electric transport, high-voltage power lines and television stations. These objects create electromagnetic fields that cause field strength, and in the area of ​​high-tension fields a person can experience problems such as irritation, fatigue, insomnia, constant headaches and nervous system disorders.

  • Ionizing. Ionizing radiation is divided into three types: gamma radiation, beta radiation, alpha radiation. All three species present a huge danger to living organisms. Under the influence of such radiation in the body, changes occur at the molecular level. In the nuclei of cells, depending on the radiation strength, irreversible changes occur, disrupting the normal functioning of the cells. Literally half a century ago, ionizing radiation did not belong to particularly dangerous, serious sources were considered only deposits of uranium ores, radioactive shales and crystalline rocks, and the sun remained a serious source of ionizing radiation. At present, there are a lot of sources of ionizing radiation created by man: nuclear reactors, elementary particle accelerators, artificial radionuclides. This type of pollution is also called radioactive.

  • Mechanical. One of the most insidious types of environmental pollution is mechanical pollution. It would seem that there is nothing irreversible and dangerous in it: it is the arrival of dust into the atmosphere, the siltation of water objects with soils, and waste dumps. In fact, the danger is not so much the phenomenon of mechanical pollution as its scale. It is because of these huge scales that in recent years have been increasing problems with various environmental problems, the elimination of which sometimes requires huge financial costs.

  • Biological. This type of pollution experts are divided into bacterial and organic. In the first case, pathogenic microorganisms are guilty, which contribute to the spread of many diseases, but pollution sources of water, waste discharges, and neglect of sanitation can serve as sources of organic pollution of the environment. For a person, bacterial contamination is the most dangerous, as many pathogens of serious infectious diseases appear. and found the most interesting information for you.

  • Chemical. This is another serious type of pollution that arises from the emission of various pollutants, and a variety of substances, from heavy metals to synthetic and organic compounds, can serve as such contaminants. The main sources of chemical pollution are industrial enterprises and various industries, transport, agriculture.

  • Geological. Geological pollution is mainly caused by the actions of the person himself: as a result of certain activities, landslides or collapses, flooding, subsidence of the earth's surface, drainage of territories can be formed. The main reasons for this are: mining, building, vibration impact of transport, impact on the ground sewage and sewage.

That is why, we need to appreciate what we have and try to preserve our planet. Our most important task is to avoid environmental pollution. To do this, we should start with ourselves. Whatever you do, you should think about the impact it will cause on the environment.

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