What Should Be Eaten For Breakfast?


The importance of breakfast for metabolism and have gatheres the most useful information for you. Breakfast is important for metabolism, for two reasons. The first morning calories mostly spent on the energy needs of the body, and are not sent to fat storages. Second, the rejection of the breakfast significantly improves appetite and causes overeating during the day or evening. The ideal breakfast should be built on the "correct" carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, fiber and healthy fats - it will provide a long saturation and stimulates the bowels. At the same time rich in sugar, sweets and cereals, fast food are the worst choice.

Which is better - muesli or oatmeal?

No matter how useful natural honey granola with raisins, chocolate chips and whole grain oats may seem, plain boiled porridge will be much better. For instance, honey contains 0.02% of pollen and other active ingredients, but 80% is a regular sugar (the remaining 19.98% is water). Carefully boiled porridge, opposed to dry compressed flakes, generates a specific weight in the stomach, in fact complicating digestion - but this is what forms such advantages of oatmeal as long saturation, improvement of the intestinal micro flora and blood quality.

The most useful products for breakfast

  1. Oatmeal. Oatmeal is a great source of carbohydrates for the start of the day. Not only it slowly and gradually gives up its energy to the body, allowing you to feel full for a long time after breakfast, but also improves bowel function and even reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

  2. Muesli. Muesli can be periodically replace the normal oatmeal in the case of lack of time. When choosing cereal be sure to study its label – the less is the composition of honey, sugar, dried fruit (raisins, pineapple and so on), and other sources of fast carbohydrates, the better.

  3. Dairy products. If you are okay with lactose, do not deny yourself the pleasure to eat fresh cheese or oatmeal with milk. Dairy products are an excellent source of protein with a high percentage of assimilation and maximally useful amino acid profile.

  4. Eggs. You can safely forget the old myth that eating eggs is dangerous to health because of the risk of increasing the level of "bad" cholesterol. Numerous scientific studies prove the opposite, saying only about the benefits of regular consumption of eggs (both protein and egg yolk).

  5. Seasonal fruits. Morning is the best time for fruits - their constituent natural sugar will give you energy, and fiber will balance the balance of calories. Eating one medium piece of fruit can be both in solid form and as an additive for the mentioned oatmeal, muesli and milk shakes.

  6. Peanut butter. Peanut butter will be indispensable for those who are trained and fed to a set of muscle mass and looking for a really delicious and healthy calories. Profile of fats of peanut butters is similar to Olive oil, and in two spoons re contained as much as 200 calories and almost 10 g of protein.

  7. Avocado. Avocados contain not only a significant amount of useful vegetable fat (it accounts for up to 75% of calories), but also vitamins B, K, E and C. Among the important elements that make up the avocado can also be noted glutathione - a powerful antioxidant.

  8. Coconut oil. A teaspoon of coconut oil immediately after waking up will not only help to stop the catabolic processes, but also to prepare the stomach for the upcoming food intake. Recall that coconut oil is interesting in a way that it is difficult for the body to put off its calories "in reserve".

  9. Cinnamon. Cinnamon is known for its beneficial properties for thousands of years. When added to foods it affects glucose metabolism, normalizing the effect of insulin on the body. In other words, cinnamon is able to reduce the glycemic index of food. Add a pinch of cinnamon to oatmeal.

  10. Vitamin D. The most important for the metabolism vitamin D is produced exclusively during the long stay in the sun. Develop the habit of the autumn-winter season to take a daily capsule of Vitamin D - it will not only improve metabolism, but also help you to get rid of depression.

Breakfast for men

It is well known that men spend more calories than women, especially if the man is engaged in physical labor. That is why they need a rich nutritious breakfast. In the menu should be included protein foods (meat, dairy products), foods containing complex carbohydrates, bread, vegetables and fruits. Quick version of men's breakfast is the following: scrambled eggs, without which it is desirable to be cooked without sausages. The ideal option is an omelet with vegetables and cheese. Very wholesome breakfast for the stronger sex is the oatmeal, which contains protein, vitamins and trace elements necessary for men's health. Men engaged in physical labor, can be offer a casserole of pasta or potatoes with minced meat, vegetables and cheese, cheese cakes or pancakes with sour cream.

Breakfast for women

Women are usually very carefully watching their appearance, figure and weight. In order to look good always, have a beautiful complexion and a good mood, it is necessary to start the day with a healthy breakfast. The ideal breakfast for a woman is also an oatmeal. It can be cooked on milk and water, adding berries, fresh or dried fruits, which will make the usual porridge tastier and healthier. Hercules contains all the nutrients necessary for women's health. Not in vain this porridge  was called "the porridge of beauty." Women after 30 years, must take special care of their health. Nutritionists advise to remember about the barley porridge, which is a source of huge amounts of vitamins, macro- and microelements. This grits contains calcium, iron, iodine, phosphorus, A, D, E and group B vitamins, a plurality of amino acids and other substances that help to slow the aging process and to strengthen the immune system. For example, the amino acid lysine, is contained in large quantities, is involved in the synthesis of collagen, which is necessary to maintain skin elasticity and youth. In addition to breakfast cereals woman should include dairy products, fruits, vegetables and juices. Coffee and black tea is better to replace by green tea. Its use can not be overemphasized, because green tea helps to maintain the beauty and youthful skin, good digestion, helps to fight against obesity, and also a good tool for the prevention of cancer. Useful for women's health and beauty are products such as avocados, kiwi fruit and cheese. Therefore, a light salad with avocado sandwich of rye bread with cheese and a cup of green tea can also make healthy breakfast for women.

Some people simply can not eat breakfast, and it is not necessary to force them - it's just a feature of an organism. You should not force yourself to eat even the most useful food if you do not want to - in this case you can simply drink a glass of juice. However, most of us need breakfast, and it is not necessary to justify the fact that you have little time: it will be even less if you get sick and lose the beauty.

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