15 ways to change your life for better


Many of the problems arise because of our mind. Most often, they are not the result of any event, failure, or other people's actions. Freed from the 10 forms of wrong behavior, you can quickly improve your life. and offer you to find out 15 ways that will help to change your life for better!

1. Do not make hasty conclusions.

This habit can make life difficult in two ways. Firstly, we believe that we know what will happen, so disable your account, and begin to act on the basis of this assumption. People are not good predictors. Most of their assumptions are incorrect, and hence - are wrong and their actions.

The second aspect of this habit - we imagined that we are able to read minds, and seemed to know why other people do what they do, or what they think. Wrong again, totally. It is this nonsense that destroys relationships like no others.

2. Do not dramatize.

Many people inflate lethal catastrophe out of small failures, and react accordingly. The habit of making mountains out of molehills generates anxiety, which either does not exist at all, or is so small that you have nothing to worry about.

3. Do not invent any rules.

The biggest part of all these "must" and "should" you are constantly thinking about is quite useless. All that they can provide you with are nervousness and guilt. What for? Following these unreal rules, you fill your brain with unrequired restrictions and silly ideas. In case if you try to transfer such rules on others, you turn into a frightening or boring whiner, or opinionated bigot.

4. Avoid stereotypes and labels.

The words that you use, can be easily substituted. The language of negativity and criticism creates the same way of thinking. Trying to cram things into a certain category, you no longer see their real value, thus limiting your thinking to the absolute uselessness. Look - there. Do not hang tags. You'll be surprised at what you see.

5. DO NOT BE perfectionist.

Life is not just "black or white" or "all or nothing". In most cases, "enough" is just enough. If you're looking for the perfect job, then you will most likely to never find it. At the same time, all the other works will seem worse than they really are. You will look for a perfect relationship, and are likely to spend all your life alone.

6. Do not generalize.

One or two mischiefs are not the signs of absolute failure. A random triumph does not turn you into a genius. Some event, no matter good or bad - or even two or three of such events are not always a sign of a prolonged trend. As a rule, things are what they are, and no more.

7. Do not take everything close to your heart.

A lot of people, including your friends and colleagues, do not speak, do not think and do not care about you 99% of your time. The people in your organization, or even living in the neighborhood, probably never have heard of you. Yes, in fact, they may do not want to hear. Ups and downs in life, warmth and indifference of other people should not personally affect you in any way. If they pretend, it will make you feel even more more miserable.

8. DO NOT BELIEVE emotions.

What you feel is not always a good indicator of what's really going on. Just because you feel it does not mean it's true. Sometimes emotions can serve as a source of fatigue, hunger, irritation, or just a cold. Whether you feel you are doing well or bad - the future will not change. Feelings may be true, but they are not the truth.

9. Do not give in to apathy.

Train to be optimistic. If you expect bad things in life and at work, you will find them. Negative mood - it's the same thing as looking at the world through distorting, dirty glasses. You will only notice the shortcomings, ignoring anything else. It's just amazing how you can see what is not there, if only to start looking. And, of course, if you start to look for the positive things, you will find them too. You can even try to meditate.

10. Do not live the past.

This advice is most important of all: forget and live on. Most of anger, frustration, unhappiness and despair in this world comes from people holding past grievances and problems. The more you scroll through them in mind, the bigger they will seem to you, and the worse you will feel. Do not fight with misfortune. Forget and live on. Do this, and thereby depriving it of power to hurt you.

11. Smile

Have you noticed how many people around you are gloomy, busy and worried? Where do you take a good mood? A couple of seconds are enough to change your mood and possibly the mood of people who surround you. A sincere smile is not only uplifting, but also relaxes the hundreds of muscles and relieves stress.

12. Save

1 minute is enough to walk around the house and turn off unnecessary lights and other sources of electricity, which you do not need at the moment. This will greatly save your budget and will help to preserve the ecological situation in the world. 1 minute is enough in order not to make a useless purchase. To do this, just think about whether you really need this thing or not. If you develop the habit of thinking about your shopping, you can save considerably.

13. Maintain the order

Cleaning is mostly associated with something grandiose and not very pleasant. But grandiose cleaning can be avoided if you learn to maintain the order. In 1 minute you will have time to dust off in one room, wash the plates and cups, to bring order to your desktop, throw away the thing that you have not dressed or not used. See, how simple it is? Doing cleaning every day for a minute, you can easily keep an order. No hassles and stress, and the useful work done.

14. Remove the tension

During the day, we often are strained, nervous, experiencing. This can easily be avoided if to breathe correctly. As soon as you notice that you are nervous, stop and breathe for a minute - take a deep breath, and still more a deep breath, then repeat. Try belly breathing. Put your hands on your stomach and feel like they are with each breath rise and fall as you exhale. Deep breathing is able to arrange thoughts, relieve tension and improve health.

15. Fight with negative thoughts

Every time you start feeling sorry for yourself or others complaining, stop and think of what you can be grateful to yourself, others, or life. If someone bothers you, think about the positive qualities of that person. Everyone has these qualities, believe me! If you feel that life is unfair, look around - many people live in times worse than you. Teach your brain to pay attention to the positive aspects, noticing the good in people and the world around you. Happy people live better!

As you can see, only one minute can change your mood, your status, and even your life for the better. Everything is in your hands. You can improve your life for better yourself!

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