15 Wrong Ways How To Write Cover Letter


Cover letter writing, according to Wikipedia, is as responsible as resume and CV writing. Your cover letter is unlikely to be read by your direct supervisor, boss or HR Director. It is more likely that it will be read by a recruiter or HR. So, in order for your cover letter to be written correctly, here is the list of the most widespread mistakes you should avoid when writing your cover letter: Too long cover letter. There are different opinions as for the amount of time recruiter usually ...Continue reading

Surprising Facts About English You Probably Don't Know


Strongly perfecting grammar and desperately cramming modern colloquial terms, time after time, we so delve into the process, that completely forget why, actually, we started to study English. This language is one of the most widespread and beautiful in the world, so we would like to share some interesting facts you probably do not know about this amazing language. It turned out that English is not the most popular language in the world - it takes only the third place after Chinese and ...Continue reading

Getting New Job Is Easy As Pie


You may be surprised to find out that job search can be simple and fruitful. Many people think that nowadays it is very difficult to find job. However, it is not the truth. We have collected a list of 10 tips, that will help you to find job fast and easily! You can always find available job positions. Even in times of crisis you can find decent offers, so do not let panic scare you. You should only know where to look for. Do not fuss and just think about the things you need. Only after ...Continue reading

Need Remote Work? First Check All Pros And Cons


If you are tired of rush hours every time you go to work and communication with colleagues brings you no joy any longer, you can think of finding remote job or to try yourself as a freelancer. It is very tempting, as you do not need to go to office every day and your boss is quite far from you. However, with all its advantages remote job has a number of drawbacks. In what way remote job can be dangerous for your career? Rate all the "pros" and "cons" with us. First of all, let’s stop ...Continue reading

Wonderful Secrets How To Tie A Tie And Bow Like A Pro


Bow tie gained worldwide popularity at the beginning of the last century. At that time it was called just the same as now, but it was tied in an absolutely other way round. At first time the society could see a bow tie the way it was during Puccini’s opera “Madame Butterfly.” All the musicians performing opera wore bow ties. Although, in fact, bow tie is nothing else, as an ordinary bow, which is tied around the neck of a man, silk ribbon. Bow tie, according to Wikipedia, ...Continue reading

Where To Go This Summer: Yellowstone National Park


Yellowstone National Park (or simply Yellowstone), according to Wikipedia, is the oldest and one of the most famous US national parks. The park is located in the headwaters of the Yellowstone River (from which it gets its name) on the territory of the three states - Idaho, Wyoming (much of the park), and Montana. The park has almost nine million square kilometers (this is more than the area of ​​the states of Delaware and Rhode Island). Yellowstone National Park is one of the most ...Continue reading

What You Should Know About Charlie Charlie Challenge


In recent months, the game called “Charlie, Charlie” gained immense popularity on the Internet. Rules of this game lie in the fact that teenagers are calling the demon called “Charlie”, using two pencils and a piece of paper. So, let us figure out the origin of this game. To play “Charlie Charlie” game, according to Wikipedia, usually a couple of simple pencils and a paper, divided into four zones with the words “Yes” and “No” are ...Continue reading

Red Nose Day History Of Holiday


Wearing red nose for the whole day in sake of the charity, according to Wikipedia, may seem to be a strange way to collect money. However, it seems to work quite fun and beneficial in the UK. Red Nose Day is a popular charity holiday in the United Kingdom. The celebration also takes place in the USA, Australia and Germany. Recently, Russia and Belarus joined this positive movement. The main purpose of this event is to collect money for charity organization which is known as “Comic ...Continue reading

Malcolm X Biography Essay


Essay on Malcolm X is a very important and complicated topic. To writer good essay on Malcolm X, you should possess certain data and knowledge, which will allow you to describe the facts of his biography in quite vivid colors. African-American Muslim cleric, orator and a fighter for human rights. He is considered to be one of the most famous black people in history. Supporters called him a great fighter for the rights of African Americans, while opponents accused him of preaching racism, black ...Continue reading

Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Essay


Frederick Douglass (born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey) went down in history as one of the most famous and influential African American leaders of the 19th century. He was an abolitionist, a revolutionary democrat, one of the main figures of African-American liberation movement. F. Duglas, according to Wikipedia, born a slave in Maryland in 1818. From an early age, the boy lived and worked in the family of planters, one of which might have been his father. Moreover, later he was ...Continue reading

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