Traditional Greek Cuisine


Gastronomy, is a Greek word. The irony, however, lies in the fact that the history of Greek cuisine shows the lack of gourmet dishes in Greek recipes, with the exception of antiquity, during the Byzantine period and the end of the 20th century, when the Greek cuisine and the Greek gastronomy have undergone radical changes. Until very recent time Greek cuisine was mostly domestic. Greek Restaurants were divided into several categories: barbecue, fish taverns, some specialty eateries Patz soups, ...Continue reading

Life Of Freddie Mercury


Farrukh Bulsara, according to Wikipedia, was born on the remote island of Zanzibar 9/5/1946, in a fairly wealthy family of the Persian followers of Zoroaster's teachings. At the age of five, he moved with his family to Mumbai. There, he went in a boarding school, where he showed himself capable and diligent student. He was fond of drawing, sports, literature, learning to play the piano. In 1970, Freddie, having replaced his former classmate, joined the members of the youth rock band "The ...Continue reading

Fruits In Cosmetology


One of the most effective and natural means of preserving youth and beauty is a skin care with the application of plants or, in other words, usage of phytocosmetics. Phytocosmetics is cosmetics with application of medicinal herbs. It is a practical science, that uses the properties of the plants to maintain health and beauty of skin. In recent years, the world has increased attention to the use of natural raw materials of vegetable origin. Everyone knows that the more natural herbal ingredients ...Continue reading

What Are The Essential Nutrients


Human food contains essential nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, macronutrients. As all our life consists of the exchange of substances in nature, for a normal existence adult should eat three times a day, filling the "stock" of nutrients. In the body of a living person there are continuous oxidation processes (compounds with oxygen) of various nutrients. The oxidation reaction is accompanied by the formation and release of heat needed to maintain vital processes of ...Continue reading

Useful Properties Of Strawberries


Strawberry, according to WIkipedia, is a flavorful berry that has unique nutritional, medicinal and useful properties. It contains large amounts of sugars, vitamins, folic acid, fiber, carotene, pectin, iron, cobalt, calcium, phosphorus and manganese. This plant has a powerful curative effect on the human body. Strawberries are used to treat high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, constipation and different problems with the digestive system. In addition, many forms of disrepair with ...Continue reading

Vietnam War Essay


Do you need to write essay about war? Essay on war is a very tragic topic, because the connotation of the word “war” is very negative. It is always connected with violence and armor. So, in case if you would like to write Vietnam War essay, then we hope that the following essay will be useful for you, and you will be inspired to write your own essay.  In the second half of the XIX-th century, Vietnam, according to Wikipedia, became a colony of France. The growth of national ...Continue reading

Fahrenheit 451 Analysis Essay


What if you should writer essay on Fahrenheit 451 and you do not know what to start with, you are welcome to check our blog. Here we have collected essays on Fahrenheit 451, thus you could find the most interesting information for your essay. Characters of Ray Bradbury are singles, who are rushing up into a hopeless battle, in efforts not to win, but to assert their human dignity. Love to man, hatred of everything hostile to him, to those factors that prevent a person to be worthy of this proud ...Continue reading

Essay On The Great Depression


Great Depression essay is a very interesting and popular topic. Causes of great depression essay were very significant for the history of the USA. The Great Depression, according to Wikipedia, is one of the most important periods in modern US history. It began with the global economic crisis in 1929, which affected the United States. The acute phase of the crisis dragged on for three years - from 1929 to 1932-th, the beginning of 1933. All 1930s, until 1939, the economy could not fully ...Continue reading

Human Trafficking Essay


Essay on human trafficking is a very serious and sad topic. However, if you have to writer human trafficking essay, then you should possess some information, and data, which will help you to write really good essay of high quality. In case if you have any difficulties in writing human trafficking essays, then you will find this essay quite informative and interesting. Who knows, maybe it will help to write your own. December 2 is the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. The use of ...Continue reading

Essay On Human Rights


Human rights essay should be written on the basis of interesting and truthful information. Essay human rights you should write in case if you have enough knowledge on this topic and we hope that this one will inspire you. Human rights are inalienable rights of every person, regardless of nationality, place of residence, gender, ethnicity, color, religion, language or any other sign. All people are equal when it comes to human rights, eliminating all kinds of discrimination. These rights are ...Continue reading

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