Emergency diet. How to lose weight in a few days


It is quite possible to rid from extra kilos if to excrete the excess fluid from your body. You should not keep to a diet or to sweat to the point of exhaustion in the gym. and collected the list of the ways to lose weight fast! The first important rule is to provide your body with the maximum comfort zone and minimum stress - eating, drinking, motor, temperature. Do not artificially limit yourself in food and calories (of ...Continue reading

What Juices Are Made From?


There are several ways to get natural juice. The first is to take, for example, orange, and with the help of some simple household appliance squeeze out the moisture. The second way is to go to the store and buy ... Juice? Nectar? Drink? To understand that, we need to go through the whole process of “juice industry” chain.  If we buy juice made, for example, in Finland, we do not realize that oranges or mangoes do not grow there. So how did they get it in the package? The ...Continue reading

What Should Be Eaten For Breakfast?


The importance of breakfast for metabolism and have gatheres the most useful information for you. Breakfast is important for metabolism, for two reasons. The first morning calories mostly spent on the energy needs of the body, and are not sent to fat storages. Second, the rejection of the breakfast significantly improves appetite and causes overeating during the day or evening. The ideal breakfast should be built on the "correct" ...Continue reading

How To Stop Eating Sweets And Why?


Can you imagine your life without sweets? If not, then probably you have an addiction from sweets. Everybody knows that sweets influence our body negatively and spoil the teeth. We can speak about a lot of negative influences of sugar. In fact, overuse of sugar harms not only to our appearance, but also... Why do we need it? In fact, the nature of the sugar conceived as a vital element for us. In the distant times, when a man had to choose foods not on the inscription on the package, but on ...Continue reading

How To Learn To Make Rational Use Of Time?


Time is the most precious gift that life could give us. The truly successful people always spend their time wisely - that is why he can do so many things in such a short time. For the modern man, this axiom is more relevant than ever, because the combination of work and career makes itself felt: less time is left for yourself and your needs, and you want to keep up with everything and live a full life. Hence, constant fatigue, irritability and neuroses is the burden of responsibility and haste ...Continue reading

Interesting Facts About Hypnosis


Hypnosis is one of the most intriguing phenomena of our mental world. Hypnosis is full of apparent paradoxes: it is definitely not a dream, and yet not the waking state. Hypnosis depends on the attention and concentration, but most often can be characterized by relaxation and comfort. Hypnosis is most easily caused by a qualified professional (psychologist), using specific methods of verbal methods and, at the same time, only the product of human psyche. Hypnosis has been widely studied in a ...Continue reading

Benefits And Harms Of Chewing Gum: 13 Interesting Facts


Since ancient times people were chewing something: the ancient Greeks - the resin of the mastic tree, the Mayan - rubber, Siberian - larch resin, while in India - a mixture of aromatic leaves. All these "chewing gums" were giving to breathing the aroma and freshness, cleaned the teeth, massaged the gums, and just leaving a pleasant taste in the mouth. After the discovery of America in Europe there was chewing tobacco, which was very widespread. June 5, 1869 dentist from Ohio patented his recipe ...Continue reading

How To Learn To Cook


Many people want to learn to cook, but have no idea how to approach this. Dishes more complicated than eggs are presenting an elusive top, to approach which, only a few people having any culinary talent or the incredible patience are able. So often I see people who have mastered a few basic recipes (for example, chicken broth and meatballs), and using them for the whole life. With slight variations. As a result, food becomes monotonous, and therefore not very useful for health. However, in fact, ...Continue reading

The Most Interesting Facts About Properties Of A Diamond


Diamond has long been the favorite among all women and is headed by the top five most expensive gems. The real diamond does not have any relation to other rocks than the diamond, as well as gems, polished or treated in any other way, except for the brilliant cut. Diamond is a pure carbon and hence has a high hardness. Since ancient times, the diamond was considered a symbol of power, success, luxury, victory. The history of this precious stone is shrouded in many mysteries, puzzles and ...Continue reading

Interesting Facts About Dolphins


Today's article is devoted to the amazing sea creatures - dolphins. You will learn many interesting things from the everyday life of these creatures, from the social order up to the unusual skills. Let's get started: Let's start with a question. Is dolphin a fish or an animal? Most likely, you will think that since it lives in the water, it is fish. I hasten to disappoint you, dolphin is an animal, mammal, warm-blooded. Dolphins have all the signs of mammals, namely: they feed their young with ...Continue reading

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