Personal Accomplishment Essay


My accomplishments essay or greatest accomplishment essay can be written in many different ways, due to the fact that it requires special research and knowledge in this field.

Many job seekers, when writing a resume, experience incredible difficulties when trying to list their own accomplishments. At the same time, most of them do not indicate their accomplishments at all, minimizing the chances of being invited to an interview.

So what is the point of writing your resume? Where to take these accomplishments - and what kind of accomplishments should there be?

Let's start in order. Why are the achievements so important to your resume?

The fact is that “the achievements of the applicant” is indeed the most important section in the resume. In addition, the lack of achievements is one of the most important mistakes in the resume.

Judge for yourself: it is professional achievements and results of work that speak about the effectiveness of the employee's work in a particular company. The fact that he has goals in life, and that this specialist tries to achieve real results at work, and does not create the illusion of work, simply by attending the workplace and spending time from salary to salary. And one more important argument. and

If you want your resume to stand out from a huge number of "gray" one-type resumes, specifying professional and personal achievements is the best opportunity to make your resume vivid, professionally compiled, memorable and effective. Then it will be much easier to find a good job.

We go further. Some job seekers have a question. “What if there were no achievements at work»? And in fact, how can you indicate these achievements if they simply were not there?

Well, it's very bad if they were really absent. Especially if you already have some work experience.

In fact, the majority of applicants do not have the problem that there are no achievements in their resume, but they CAN NOT highlight their achievements. Probably, these candidates are so modest that they hesitate to publicly announce their achievements. Then the following question arises. “How to determine your professional achievements, then to indicate them in your resume?” Our services will impress you!

Remember your professional activities: each employer, all the positions you occupied, the tasks that were put before you, the projects that you carried out.

Without fear of wasting time, carefully analyze ALL of your successes in previous works, achieved goals, received gratitude from management and clients. Record all this in writing. This list of achievements is exactly what you use when writing your resume. 

What can be considered as professional achievements? It is clear that there can not be any "template" list of achievements for the resume. Each candidate will have his own achievements.

Someone will have a deal made, someone has a catalog of products, someone has a professionally created design, a translated report, a written program, an organized event, a saved budget, installed equipment, an advertising campaign, a market research or opinion poll. And so on.

If you are a young specialist without work experience, then analyze your internship or practice, which passed, the thesis work on which you worked, participation in competitions, sports competitions, social activities.

Even if your personal achievements are not very applicable to professional activities, you will show the employer that you are a single-minded person and are able to analyze the results of your work. There is another common problem with achievements and it is connected with routine work. 

Achievements in the case of routine work

Many job seekers view their work experience as a kind of routine everyday activity, and ask: “What can be achieved in routine work?”.

In this case, it is also necessary to try to "REMEMBER ALL" and without false modesty to state your achievements on paper, that is, in CV.

If you really do not have any achievements, then maybe you are not really that valuable employee? I hope, however, that this is not so.

How to simplify the process of drawing up a list of your professional achievements?

Finally, I will give you advice on how to avoid "creative torment" in the future when writing a resume, when you suddenly find yourself in need of a job search.

Working in the company, constantly analyze your professional and labor activity. What are your successes and results? What did you do at work today, yesterday, last week?

Fix your main business and successes in a separate place. And, if possible, retain evidence of your achievements (copies of the work done, gratitude from clients and management. In the future, when you add your new achievements, as well as interviews, to your resume, it will be very useful to you.

I wish you new achievements in your professional life and personal life!

Why are the achievements of routine work so relevant?

Yes, in the case of routine work, formulating your achievements can be a challenge. In doing so, this is purely your problem. However, as I said above, both you and the employer are vitally interested in ensuring that the results of your work and professional achievements are indicated as clearly as possible, regardless of the degree of routine of your working days.

In addition, if you do not want to miss the opportunity to attract the attention of the employer as much as possible, if you want to get a job, your task is to be able to formulate your achievements. Moreover, the fact that your work was routine, should not embarrass you, but be a certain challenge, which you simply have to cope with at this stage.

Are there professions without achievements?

Candidates, who worked in routine positions, mistakenly believe that achievements can be formulated only when it comes to sales: they say, in this case there are certain numbers and volumes, growth indicators, etc.Find out about us and get our help!

In fact, there are many people who, even if connected with sales, can not say anything in response to their results, or they answer very vaguely. I think many employers will confirm this.

Therefore, the point here is not in the work itself, but in the ability to analyze the results of one's work and in the ability to submit oneself. In addition, it does not matter to what extent your work was routine.

The question of HR manager or employer about your achievements is not only a matter of fact in order to determine your value as an employee, but also a test of adequacy and ability to respond to stressful issues. This is also a test of the candidate's ability to critically evaluate the results of his work, and not just "sit out" at work the stipulated hours.

What to do in case of a complete lack of achievements?

Can anybody ask:

- Well, what if I did not have any rationalization proposals at work, did not save money for the employer, did not participate in any projects, there were no satisfied customers or suppliers, etc.?

Well, it's bad, if that's the case. If you are continuing to work now, you need to set yourself the task of urgently fixing this situation.

See what can be improved in your work to make it less routine. In which projects you can ask to take part, how you can help the company in more efficient spending of funds. Then act according to the plan.

As a result, after a while you will be able to collect a solid list, which will enumerate all your professional achievements and work results. Take your time!

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