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Definition essay on happiness is a very interesting topic. Essay on happiness can be written in many keys. However, it is necessary to understand your own perception of this term. Money can’t buy happiness essay is another important topic, that is being discussed by many centuries. We have collected the list of tips, that will make you happy:

1. Communicate

Numerous contacts are the key to success. One will tell you the phone or site you need, another will introduce you to an interesting person, the third will give good advice. It is not necessary to be friends with everyone deeply and around the clock - just keep in touch, allowing anyone to contact you with questions, requests and suggestions at any time. Of course, for successful communication, you also should be open to someone's initiatives and requests. Selfish exploitation of someone's financial, business or intellectual resources will bring you only temporary success.

2. Do not be too modest

You can spend your whole life in a dusty corner, unnoticed, even with a huge baggage of merits and talents, if you do not show initiative. PR of own ideas is an art that you will have to master if you want to be successfully realized. There is nothing shameful in mentioning your merits and achievements: people should understand that you are successful and cooperation with you will benefit them too. Just make sure that self-promotion does not outgrow it. Sometimes it's enough just to mention that you are good at doing (for example, editing video clips on your computer), and you will immediately have like-minded people.

3. Do what you like

Success quickly comes to those who seek to satisfy their own needs, rather than fulfilling a social order or eager to meet the expectations of others. Give up social stereotypes, listen to your inner voice and do what you want yourself, and not what other people expect from you. Become yourself, set real goals - whether it is a round-the-world trip or the birth of four children. It is here where real joys and victories are waiting for you.

4. Think positively

Positive thinking is an antonym of negative thinking, when a person himself pushes the environment around him. Place a taboo on the statements: "This is my cross," "I am suffering" , "I wanted it better, but it turned out as always." Negative thinking shakes the psyche: our thoughts are directly related to our behavioral reactions (as, indeed, vice versa). Stop attracting this bad luck with your own mood! Break this vicious circle, cease mentally putting off your failures - available and hypothetical - and they will stop following you.

5. Surround yourself with the positive

If you are accustomed to watch horror stories, and in a newspapers you only read criminal chronicles, do not expect luck to knock at your door. To lure it, you need to surround yourself with everything with a plus sign: beautiful things, major music, kind people and favorite animals. By letting the good things in your heart, you will program yourself for joy, happiness, luck.

6. Smile to people

Psychologists argue that even a tense smile after a while causes about the same effect as a sincere smile. Actively working mimic muscles dilate blood vessels and improve the supply of oxygen to the brain, cells of the central nervous system begin to produce endorphins, and we become more complacent and optimistic. and collected the most interesting information for you!

7. Praise Yourself

Rejoice in your small victories. Sometimes we lament: "Is this a success? It's nothing." Never discount your own luck, otherwise it will completely stop visiting you! On the contrary, give yourself a praise even for a conscientiously done little thing. Encourage yourself a gift. Psychologists advise to put this gift in a prominent place - like the Victory Cup. Then you will have a stimulus to succeed again.

8. Eat Correctly

Do not get carried away by strict diets - inadequate nutrition of the brain leads to increased fatigue, sluggish perception of the surrounding reality, and even to apathy. In this state, you will not see luck! In addition, food is a source of pleasure. Ice cream or a piece of delicious cake can provoke such an endorphin release that you will be illuminated by an idea worthy of the Nobel Prize! In short, do not deprive yourself of joy and peace of mind by starvation, but do not make a cult out of food.

9. Create

The therapeutic effect of a hobby has long been proven. Hobby perfectly relieves stress, allows you to achieve relaxation, positively affects the work of internal organs. This is an ideal tool for improving overall well-being and overcoming the "loser syndrome". The real creators of self-perception are one of the happiest people.

10. Keep trying

Do not close yourself in the frames of one activity. Life does not stand still, and the transition from one sphere to another can become a hasty turn in destiny. If there was a chance to prove yourself in something else, why not to take this chance? Get a fundamentally different education, change the profession. Luck loves those who do not stomp on the spot, does not shy away from everything new and non-standard.

11. Let go of all that is superfluous

Forgive the abusers, give out debts, throw away old unnecessary things, abandon the duties that were imposed on you, - cleanse your life, like a computer from unnecessary files. You will feel freer, happier, capable of new achievements.

12. Enjoy the beauty          

Art heals the soul, takes away from everyday fuss and sets on positive transformations in one's own life. There is a scientific explanation for this: bright impressions increase the activity of the brain, which creates an excellent basis for generating ideas and developing plans for their implementation. So, hurry up to theaters, museums and philharmonic!

13. Merge with nature

A short rest outside the metropolis will fill you with life-giving energy. Walk barefoot on the grass, touch the bark of the tree, inhale the resinous smell of the forest, listen to the noise of the river and the chirping of birds, and in the winter listen to the crunch of snow under your feet ... Even a walk in the park will help to remove the accumulated fatigue and aggression, to release internal reserves. Thanks to this you will begin to expend forces in the right direction again.

14. Believe in your luck

You can easily find the signs of being lucky in your life. It only seems that there are no reasons for joy, but in fact you are the chosen one of fate and you are already lucky: you have a roof over your head, you do not starve and you are free in your choice in life. Summarize all the good points and rejoice for yourself. Feeling yourself lucky, you will already be on a halfway to success. What you have to do, is to make some efforts.

15. Be friends with happy people

They can be just lucky people who have a lucky ticket every day. Or optimists, whose life is not cloudless, but they have an innate ability not to dramatize the situation, but to take the footsteps set here and there with humor. After all, the spirit mood is transmitted along the chain. After all, the small joys of life are the ingredients of happiness.

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