How To Get Rid Of Apathy And Re-enter The Working Rhythm


After holidays it is not that easy to come to office and be active and productive. That is why, it is important to follow some steps that will help you to get used to the existing working rhythm. Our service will help you to write any paper!

Get up at the alarm clock in the first days after the holidays is not easy. It is not easy to convince yourself and go to bed before midnight. However, you still have to establish your sleep.

Reduce activity before bedtime. It is not necessary to stimulate brain function. Especially to watch TV or work on the computer and, for example, quarrel, after which you'll spend hours rethinking about what happened.

Do not get tired from the rest! In the evening, limit the use of stimulating drinks - coffee and tea. Observe moderation in eating. Due to the large portion of meal, it will be difficult for you to find a comfortable position to sleep, and you'll fall asleep longer. Eat not later than two hours before bedtime. If, however, you feel hungry before going to bed, drink a glass of yogurt - it will not lead to insomnia.

Engage in physical activity. Ideally, if you can work out in the morning - at this time cortisol level increases, and you will have more energy for training. However, many manage to get into the fitness club just after work. In this case, the interval between classes and going to bed should be about 4-5 hours. Give up bad habits. Try not to smoke for 2-3 hours before bedtime - nicotine has a stimulating effect. One should not abuse alcohol. Alcohol, adopted less than two hours before bedtime can disrupt the process of falling asleep.


Feeling tired after the holidays is often observed among those who spent too active vacation and was leaning on fatty food and alcohol. If this is about you, it is a high time to arrange a small discharge after the holiday. Just do not sit on a rigid diet. This is an additional stress on the body. It is better to postpone parting with excess weight for later, but for now, use a gentle way to bring yourself into shape.

Drink more. Not coffee, which interferes with the body absorption of vitamin B and calcium, and carbonated drinks, which do not give nothing but calories. A great way to clean toxins from the body is to drink green tea. This beverage contains antioxidants that protect cells from harmful substances.

Eat vegetables. Particularly useful in this regard is sauerkraut. It is full of fiber, which is like a vacuum cleaner collects all the "filth", trapped in the body. Besides, cabbage is an excellent source of vitamin C, which helps the body to endure exhausted holidays in the fight against winter colds. In addition, sauerkraut restores the body's fluid and electrolyte balance, which is broken as a result of too frequent get-togethers over a glass of alcohol - alcohol causes dehydration and the loss of mineral salts.

Go to the sauna. While you sweat in the sauna, the body breaks up with harmful substances. Well, if the room is not included in your plans, after the holidays often take a bath with sea salt - it will help to get rid of excess fluid, and therefore the toxins, and helps the skin to breathe.

Struggle against apathy

Meticulous researchers have estimated that in the first days after the Christmas holidays, working capacity reduces by about 30%. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to justify your idleness by the scientific calculations, as you will have to work anyway.

 Turn on the music. Scientists have found that unobtrusive soft music improves performance by an average of 10%, and reduces the number of errors from employees. Best music for those who want to catch everything, is recognized classic. Beethoven will help to think logically. The music by Mozart will help to remember the important information. If you want to get rid of fatigue, include Tchaikovsky and Bach, and the works of Chopin and Ravel will help to think creatively. Those, whose work involves constant stress, need to listen to waltzes by Strauss and Shostakovich's, as it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

If possible, walk more. Total 20-30 minutes spent in the fresh air will improve your performance by 20%. This is not surprising: while the air you breathe, the brain is saturated with oxygen, blood flow increases, and thus, improves mental abilities and concentration. It is better if you walk in the daytime. For example, at lunchtime. First, sunlight sets biorhythms, eliminating the unnecessary fatigue and sleepiness during the day. Secondly, sunlight helps to produce serotonin - a special hormone, which is responsible for good mood.

Make an order on your table. According to experts, to work on the cluttered desk - is like to carry out several things at once. It is estimated, in order to switch from one activity to another, the brain takes an average of 23 minutes. That is, if you spend five minutes searching for pen or a necessary document, the total loss of working time account will take for about half an hour. and found the most interesting information for you!

Here is the list of things you should do when you came to office after holidays:

  1. Make a plan of work for a short time. Tune into a working harmony help drawing up a list of tasks that need to be addressed in the first days after the holidays. So it will be easier not to grasp it all at once and not to become discouraged by "heap of affairs" that bulk.

  2. Go from simple to complex. If you spent the weekend very emotional and for the last 2-3 days of vacation did not even try to tune in a working mood, in the first working days not handle the complex tasks, increasing the load gradually. Do not immediately jump on all the tasks at once, especially when it comes to complex and time-consuming assignments.

  3. Communicate with colleagues. Exchange of fresh impressions will help to overcome the stress of a sharp change from rest to work. A conversation with colleagues concerning the celebratory emotions can smoothly move on to the discussion of work plans and future projects.

  4. Plan your next weekend or holiday. After the Christmas holidays it will be easier to get started, if you plan a weekend or holiday. Slowly enter the work schedule, and do not be upset that the holidays are over, psychologically easier to think that, for example, in two months you are also waiting for the rest.

  5. Sleep. During the holidays, you probably have lost the schedule. Therefore, we have to get used again to go to bed earlier and get up earlier. In the meantime, instead consuming caffeine in large quantities, it is best to take a nap for a short time to improve the performance. 20 minutes of sleep during the lunch break can significantly improve the speed of reaction.

  6. Sport mode. Sport, charging, walking, meditation - these practices daily restore strength and energy. Do not forget about the power mode. Better to eat less, but more often - every three hours. Include herbal teas, fruits, dried fruits, chocolate, nuts in your daily diet.

  7. Helping others. There are plenty of opportunities to be of service to those in need. Working side by side with people who have real problems, we easily experience our own small psychological difficulties

Thanks to these tips, you will re-enter the working mode fast and without any problems. As for essay writing on any topic, our company is here at your disposal. Make an order right now and forget about difficulties with studies.

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