What Is The Difference Between Green And Black Olives


Black or green olives? Some like the first, while others prefer the latter, but not everyone has a clear idea of what is what. There is plenty of theories, some state that these are completely different fruits, as according to the origin and taste, as well as the composition. According to other opinions, these are the berries of the same plant, but collected at different stages of maturation. Both theories have truthful underground. However, let’s check all the facts, in order to understand all the truth.

Is there any difference between green and black olives?

In fact, the is no big difference between green and black olives, as they both are the fruits growing on the same tree. This tree has the name of an olive tree, hence the name - the olives. They differ only in the degree of maturity - the ripening process can be observed by visiting the places where the trees grow. At the same branch there may be black and green fruits simultaneously.

It should be understood that there are differences, but they lie in the fact that the green olives contain less oil than an already ripe berries have. It should be noted that all the fruits of the olive oil raw bitter and can not please anyone, and therefore they are first marinated and then eaten. Also, olive oil is being obtained from olives, but only from black olives - they contain much more oil. In all the rest we can safely say that this is one and the same.

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Where does the name of the olives come?

It is well known that the tree, on which olives grow is called olive tree. Everything is quite logical, but where did the name of the olives come? The fact that the plant belongs to the olive trees of the family of oil, that is, those fruits that are used for oil production. Therefore, there is a direct logical connection here: olives - by the fact that grow on the olive and olive - by the fact that they produce oil.

It is worth noting that there are a lot of varieties of olives - this is due to high demand for the product and an abundance of areas of processing, as well as the consumption of this plant. Thus, to obtain oil, there are used such sorts of olives which contain 80 percent more oil than the others. Another great variety of trees belongs to salt-coating, those that are used for preparation of canned olives. Their are very popular in Greek cuisine.

Color is the main difference and a sign of maturity of fruits

The process of maturation of the olive fruit is quite specific, but more importantly, that it is characterized by - a "mysterious", "misleading" color change. First, before the tree produces fruit, beautiful white flowers bloom - it takes place in spring, when the sun becomes more active. After some time, flowering tree begins to form small green berries - they are not yet ripe and can not be used for processing, but has already gained characteristic features. Through time, berries acquire the necessary rich green color and size. At this stage, the olives may be torn down and sent to production, where they are being marinated for a long time. If the fetus of green color can not be disrupted, the ripening process will continue, but this condition is largely determined by the sort of the tree. At the expiration of the time under the scorching Italian sun, reddening berries begin to change the color. First, they are purple or red, and sometimes even become brown. It takes sufficient time for the fruit to become black. Note that some manufacturers of pickled products cheat and paint berries, thereby reducing processing time and maturation. In this case, the fruits become of saturated, a uniform black color. If the bank contains real fruits, their tone will be slightly uneven, as one side of the berry is always under a strong sun, and respectively, has a darker hue.

What tastes better black or green olives?

If we talk about the taste differences, they are certainly present, however, given the large number of low-quality products not everyone will be able to distinguish these two fruits with eyes closed. The fundamental difference lies in the fact that black fruits that are ripe, contain much more olive oil than green. This condition greatly affects the taste, dividing fans into two camps olives, eating ripe olives or still green berries. It should be noted that the black berries are more soft and juicy, they are falling apart, filling the mouth with intense and specific buttery taste of olives. Olives also have an elastic structure, they are sharp, characterized by contrast, slightly tart taste, leaving the mouth tart flavor of the olive.

Methods of treatment

As described above, raw fruits with bitter taste can not be used as food. In order that the product was suitable for consumption, it must be processed in a special way. After collecting the olives, they have two options: conservation and the production of olive oil. In the first case, the harvested crop is washed thoroughly and then poured into the pickling tank. Absolutely any recipe can be used for the marinade, but the main ingredient is salt. For the production of the classic olives, it  will be enough to fill the berries with salt and leave them for a while. In the production of oil, processing algorithm acquires a slightly different character. After the berries have been washed, they are milled to obtain an olive pulp, and then, using a centrifuge to give an oil, cold pressed. In order to remove impurities that are harmful to the organism, the starting material is being left for several weeks. When all steps have been completed, the resulting high quality product is bottled in dark glass that allows to protect oil from sunlight. Our samples of essays are available here.

Which olives are more useful?

As you know, a lot of useful substances for the organism are present in the fruit of the olive. It should be noted that green and black fruits are equally necessary for the human body and are able to satisfy the majority of beneficial vitamins and minerals. The difference between them is that the black berries contain more oil, respectively, they are higher in calories. Calorie content of olives is 115 calories per 10 grams of product.

Green berries are more enriched with organic acids, including polyunsaturated fatty acids and omega-3. These fruits contain a lot of protein, vegetable fiber, vitamins B, C, E and F. In their structure you can find magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, and so on. It is a rich component composition that makes olives so useful for the human body.

In the spring, when the olive tree begins to bloom, it shows the white flowers, which will eventually turn into a small full of green berries. In the process of maturation of the fruit, the color becomes saturated, as well as the volume change and olives acquire first purple and then black color. Due to the fact that the berries begin to ripen unevenly it can be seen that shade of the fruit has several colors, such as transitioning from black to red or brown.

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